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18-Jun-2019Risk factors and prognosis of recurrent wheezing in Chinese young children: a prospective cohort studyGuo, Jing; Zhu, Wenjing; Wang, Huimin; Holt, Patrick G.; Zhang, Guicheng; Liu, Chuanhe
24-Jun-2019Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting 2018: Part Two-
22-Jun-2019Maternal diet before and during pregnancy and risk of asthma and allergic rhinitis in childrenBaïz, Nour; Just, Jocelyne; Chastang, Julie; Forhan, Anne; de Lauzon-Guillain, Blandine; Magnier, Anne-Marie; Annesi-Maesano, Isabella
4-Jun-2019Sinobronchial allergic mycosis syndrome in an elderly maleMochizuki, Eisuke; Matsuura, Shun; Kubota, Tsutomu; Mochizuka, Yasutaka; Oishi, Kyohei; Naoi, Hyogo; Uehara, Masahiro; Mikura, Shinichiro; Nagaoka, Miyuki; Tsukui, Masaru; Koshimizu, Naoki; Nameki, Ichirota
2-Jul-2019Clinical and pulmonary function changes in cough variant asthma with small airway diseaseYuan, Honglei; Liu, Xiaojing; Li, Li; Wang, Gang; Liu, Chunfang; Zeng, Yuzhen; Mao, Ruolin; Du, Chunling; Chen, Zhihong
10-Jun-2019Outcomes following mepolizumab treatment discontinuation: real-world experience from an open-label trialOrtega, Hector; Lemiere, Catherine; Llanos, Jean-Pierre; Forshag, Mark; Price, Robert; Albers, Frank; Yancey, Steven; Castro, Mario
20-Jun-2019Inflammatory patterns of antrochoanal polyps in the pediatric age groupZheng, Huiwen; Tang, Lixing; Song, Beibei; Yang, Xiaojian; Chu, Ping; Han, Shujing; Wang, Pengpeng; Lu, Jie; Ge, Wentong; Ni, Xin
16-Apr-2019Enhanced interleukin-8 production in mononuclear cells in severe pediatric obstructive sleep apneaKe, Danbing; Kitamura, Yuji; Lejtenyi, Duncan; Mazer, Bruce; Brouillette, Robert T.; Brown, Karen
23-Apr-2019Evaluation of eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergies among the grade-7 children of IqaluitAhmed, Ahmed; Becker, Allan
16-May-2019Genotype-first analysis of a generally healthy population cohort supports genetic testing for diagnosis of hereditary angioedema of unknown causeBodian, Dale L.; Vilboux, Thierry; Hauser, Natalie S.
29-Apr-2019Association of molds and metrological parameters to frequency of severe asthma exacerbationAl-Ahmad, Mona; Jusufovic, Edin; Arifhodzic, Nermina; Rodriguez, Tito; Nurkic, Jasmina
10-Apr-2019Correction to: Eosinophilic esophagitisCarr, Stuart; Chan, Edmond S.; Watson, Wade
29-Apr-2019Health effects of diesel engine exhaust emissions exposure (DEEE) can mimic allergic asthma and rhinitisSibanda, Elopy; Makaza, Nancy
18-Apr-2019Autoimmune thyroid disease and urticarial vasculitis: is there a significant association?Cherrez-Ojeda, Ivan; Vanegas, Emanuel; Mata, Valeria L.; Felix, Miguel; Ramon, German D.; Cherrez, Sofia; Cherrez, Annia
27-Apr-2019Sublingual immunotherapy tablet for the treatment of house dust mite allergic rhinitis in Canada: an alternative to minimize treatment costs?Ellis, Anne K.; Gagnon, Rémi; Hammerby, Eva; Lau, Andrea
20-May-2019Pleiotropic microRNA-21 in pulmonary remodeling: novel insights for molecular mechanism and present advancementsJiang, Congshan; Guo, Yuanxu; Yu, Hongchuan; Lu, Shemin; Meng, Liesu
10-Apr-2019Proceedings of AllerGen 2019 Research Conference-
29-Apr-2019Stability of peripheral blood immune markers in patients with asthmaShrestha Palikhe, Nami; Bosonea, Ana-Maria; Laratta, Cheryl; Gandhi, Vivek Dipak; Nahirney, Drew; Hillaby, Angela; Bowen, Miranda; Bhutani, Mohit; Mayers, Irvin; Cameron, Lisa; Vliagoftis, Harissios
29-Apr-2019Variants in the IL17 pathway genes are associated with atopic asthma and atopy makers in a South American populationSilva, Milca de J.; de Santana, Maria B. R.; Tosta, Bruna R.; Espinheira, Roberta P.; Alcantara-Neves, Neuza Maria; Barreto, Maurício L.; Figueiredo, Camila Alexandrina; Costa, Ryan dos S.
16-Apr-2019The complex pathophysiology of allergic rhinitis: scientific rationale for the development of an alternative treatment optionBjermer, Leif; Westman, Marit; Holmström, Mats; Wickman, Magnus C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 890
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