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30-Apr-2019Coating of Polyvinylchloride for Reduced Cell / Bacterial Adhesion and Antibacterial PropertiesXie, Dong; Na, Sungsoo; Li, Jiliang; Almousa, Rashed Abdulaziz R.
30-Apr-2019Effect of Chlorhexidine-Encapsulated Nanotube-Modified Adhesive System on The Bond Strength to Human DentinCook, N. Blaine; Diefenderfer, Kim; Bottino, Marco; Feitosa, Sabrina; Kalagi, Sara Arfan
30-Apr-2019Sustained Stimulus Paradigms and Sexual Dimorphism of the Aortic Baroreflex in RatSchild, John; Yoshida, Ken; Mirro, Michael; Mintch, Landan M.
10-May-2019Expectancy in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery and Recovery: Factor Structure and ValidityRand, Kevin L.; Mosher, Catherine E.; Hirsh, Adam T.; Williams, Jane R.; Touza, Kaitlin Kyna
25-Apr-2019Designing Motivational Interviewing Instruction Employing the First Principles of InstructionReising, Deanna L.; Boling, Elizabeth; Gates, Sharon; Wonder, Amy; Cook, Mary Jane
25-Apr-2019Modular Nanoparticles for Selective Cell TargetingLin, Chien-Chi; Agarwal, Mangilal; Veronesi, Michael C.; Peuler, Kevin
25-Apr-2019High Performance GNRFET Devices for High-Speed Low-Power Analog and Digital ApplicationsRizkalla, Maher E.; King, Brian S.; Sharkawy, Mohamed El; Ytterdal, Trond; Patnala, Mounica
25-Apr-2019Investigating the Mechanisms of Resistance to Dual PI3K/MTOR Inhibitor in PIK3CA Mutant Basal Like Bladder CancerPili, Roberto; Jerde, Travis; Zhang, Jian-Ting; Lu, Tao; Fishel, Melissa; Elbanna, May F.M.
30-Apr-2019Thiol-Norbornene Hydrogels With Tunable Mechanical Properties for Engineered Extracellular MatricesLin, Chien-Chi; Xie, Dong; Yokota, Hiroki; Nguyen, Han D.
30-Apr-2019The Roles of Activin A and B in Liver Inflammation and FibrosisDai, Guoli; Marrs, James; Yaden, Benjamin; Hamang, Matthew J.
30-Apr-2019A Data Requisition Treatment Instrument For Clinical Quantifiable Soft Tissue ManipulationChien, Stanley Y. P.; Anwar, Sohel; Loghmani, Terry; King, Brian; Bhattacharjee, Abhinaba
30-Apr-2019Urinary Volatile Organic Compounds for Detection of Breast Cancer and Monitoring Chemical and Mechanical Cancer Treatments in MiceYokota, Hiroki; Agarwal, Mangilal; Ji, Julie; Teli, Meghana
23-Apr-2019Depressive Symptoms and Eating Behaviors: Do Atypical Symptoms Drive Associations with Food Attentional Bias, Emotional Eating, and External Eating?Stewart, Jesse C.; Hirsh, Adam T.; Cyders, Melissa A.; Guare, John C.; Shell, Aubrey L.
23-Apr-2019Dynamic Control of Hydrogel Properties via Enzymatic ReactionsLin, Chien-Chi; Xie, Dong; Li, Jiliang; Moore, Dustin M.
24-Apr-2019Applications of Data Mining in HealthcareMohler, George; Dundar, Murat; Zheng, Jiang Yu; Peng, Bo
23-Apr-2019Molecular and Physiological Responses of Soybean (Glycine max) to Cold and the Stress Hormone EthyleneRandall, Stephen K.; Balakrishnan, Lata; Watson, John C.; Blacklock, Brenda J.; Robison, Jennifer Dawn
23-Apr-2019Geo-Temporal Visualization for Tourism Data Using Color CurvesFang, Shiaofen; Xia, Yuni; Zheng, Jiang-Yu; Choi, In Kwon
24-Apr-2019Optogenetic Inhibition of the mPFC During Delay DiscountingLapish, Christopher; Logrip, Marian; Czachowski, Cristine; White, Shelby M.
24-Apr-2019Analysis of Process Induced Shape Deformations and Residual Stresses in Composite Parts during CureDalir, Hamid; El-Mounayri, Hazim; Zhang, Jing; Patil, Ameya S.
25-Apr-2019Development of Chemiresistor Based Nanosensors to Detect Volatile Cancer BiomarkersAgarwal, Mangilal; Anwar, Sohel; Towar, Andres; Vij, Shitiz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2277
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