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22-Mar-2016RGS6 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in CNS Diseases and CancerAhlers, Katelin E.; Chakravarti, Bandana; Fisher, Rory A.
16-Mar-2016Tissue Penetration of a Novel Spectinamide Antibiotic for the Treatment of TuberculosisMadhura, Dora Babu; Trivedi, Ashit; Liu, Jiuyu; Boyd, Vincent A.; Jeffries, Cynthia; Loveless, Vivian; Lee, Richard E.; Meibohm, Bernd
17-Mar-2016Reserpine Inhibit the JB6 P+ Cell Transformation Through Epigenetic Reactivation of Nrf2-Mediated Anti-oxidative Stress PathwayHong, Bo; Su, Zhengyuan; Zhang, Chengyue; Yang, Yuqing; Guo, Yue; Li, Wenjing; Kong, Ah-Ng Tony
23-Mar-2016Recent Advances in Application of Pharmacogenomics for BiotherapeuticsMahajan, Pramod B.
7-Mar-2016Use of the Biopharmaceutics Drug Disposition Classification System (BDDCS) to Help Predict the Occurrence of Idiosyncratic Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions Associated with Antiepileptic Drug UsageChan, Rosa; Wei, Chun-yu; Chen, Yuan-tsong; Benet, Leslie Z.
2-Mar-2016Controlled Release of Chitosan and Sericin from the Microspheres-Embedded Wound Dressing for the Prolonged Anti-microbial and Wound Healing EfficacyAramwit, Pornanong; Yamdech, Rungnapha; Ampawong, Sumate
9-Mar-2016Development of a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model to Predict Disease-Mediated Therapeutic Protein–Drug Interactions: Modulation of Multiple Cytochrome P450 Enzymes by Interleukin-6Jiang, Xiling; Zhuang, Yanli; Xu, Zhenhua; Wang, Weirong; Zhou, Honghui
29-Feb-2016Regulatory Perspectives on Strength-Dependent Dissolution Profiles and Biowaiver Approaches for Immediate Release (IR) Oral Tablets in New Drug ApplicationsSuarez-Sharp, Sandra; Delvadia, Poonam R.; Dorantes, Angelica; Duan, John; Externbrink, Anna; Gao, Zongming; Ghosh, Tapash; Miksinski, Sarah Pope; Seo, Paul
24-Feb-2016Determination of Cellular Processing Rates for a Trastuzumab-Maytansinoid Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Highlights Key Parameters for ADC DesignMaass, Katie F.; Kulkarni, Chethana; Betts, Alison M.; Wittrup, K. Dane
10-Mar-2016Gut Wall Metabolism. Application of Pre-Clinical Models for the Prediction of Human Drug Absorption and First-Pass EliminationJones, Christopher R.; Hatley, Oliver J. D.; Ungell, Anna-Lena; Hilgendorf, Constanze; Peters, Sheila Annie; Rostami-Hodjegan, Amin
22-Feb-2016Aggregation Kinetics for IgG1-Based Monoclonal Antibody TherapeuticsSingla, A.; Bansal, R.; Joshi, Varsha; Rathore, Anurag S.
29-Feb-2016Regulator of G Protein Signaling 17 as a Negative Modulator of GPCR Signaling in Multiple Human CancersHayes, Michael P.; Roman, David L.
24-Feb-2016Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers: an FDA Perspective on Utilization in Biological Product LabelingSchuck, Robert N.; Grillo, Joseph A.
7-Mar-2016Does the Systemic Plasma Profile Inform the Liver Profile? Analysis Using a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model and Individual CompoundsLi, Rui; Maurer, Tristan S.; Sweeney, Kevin; Barton, Hugh A.
1-Apr-2016A Kinetic Degradation Study of Curcumin in Its Free Form and Loaded in Polymeric MicellesNaksuriya, Ornchuma; van Steenbergen, Mies J.; Torano, Javier S.; Okonogi, Siriporn; Hennink, Wim E.
4-Nov-2015Erratum to: Dissolution Similarity Requirements: How Similar or Dissimilar Are the Global Regulatory Expectations?Diaz, Dorys Argelia; Colgan, Stephen T.; Langer, Connie S.; Bandi, Nagesh; Likar, Michael D.; Van Alstine, Leslie
23-Feb-2016Establishing the Quantitative Relationship Between Lanreotide Autogel®, Chromogranin A, and Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Nonfunctioning Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine TumorsBuil-Bruna, Núria; Dehez, Marion; Manon, Amandine; Nguyen, Thi Xuan Quyen; Trocóniz, Iñaki F.
2-Mar-2016Pediatric Biopharmaceutical Classification System: Using Age-Appropriate Initial Gastric VolumeShawahna, Ramzi
4-Mar-2016Preclinical Pharmacokinetics Study of R- and S-Enantiomers of the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor, AR-42 (NSC 731438), in RodentsCheng, Hao; Xie, Zhiliang; Jones, William P.; Wei, Xiaohui Tracey; Liu, Zhongfa; Wang, Dasheng; Kulp, Samuel K.; Wang, Jiang; Coss, Christopher C.; Chen, Ching-Shih; Marcucci, Guido; Garzon, Ramiro; Covey, Joseph M.; Phelps, Mitch A.; Chan, Kenneth K.
22-Feb-2016Regulator of G-protein Signaling (RGS)1 and RGS10 Proteins as Potential Drug Targets for Neuroinflammatory and Neurodegenerative DiseasesLee, Jae-Kyung; Bou Dagher, Josephine
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1115
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