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20-Jun-2018Chronic Stress in Vocational and Intimate Partner Domains as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms After Breast Cancer DiagnosisStinesen Kollberg, Karin; Wiley, Joshua F; Ross, Kharah M; Jorge-Miller, Alexandra; Hammen, Constance; Weihs, Karen L; Stanton, Annette L
3-Aug-2018Parasympathetic Response Patterns are Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Among Older Women but Not MenGentile, Christina; Ditto, Blaine; Deschamps, Alain; D’Antono, Bianca
3-Sep-2018Goal Adjustment and Well-Being: The Role of Optimism in Patients with Chronic PainRamírez-Maestre, Carmen; Esteve, Rosa; López-Martínez, Alicia E; Serrano-Ibáñez, Elena R; Ruiz-Párraga, Gema T; Peters, Madelon
13-Dec-2017From Theory-Inspired to Theory-Based Interventions: A Protocol for Developing and Testing a Methodology for Linking Behaviour Change Techniques to Theoretical Mechanisms of ActionMichie, Susan; Carey, Rachel N; Johnston, Marie; Rothman, Alexander J; de Bruin, Marijn; Kelly, Michael P; Connell, Lauren E
12-Dec-2017Acculturation and Syndemic Risk: Longitudinal Evaluation of Risk Factors Among Pregnant Latina Adolescents in New York CityMartinez, Isabel; Kershaw, Trace S; Keene, Danya; Perez-Escamilla, Rafael; Lewis, Jessica B; Tobin, Jonathan N; Ickovics, Jeannette R
12-Dec-2017Depression Symptoms in Haemodialysis Patients Predict All-Cause Mortality but Not Kidney Transplantation: A Cause-Specific Outcome AnalysisChilcot, Joseph; Guirguis, Ayman; Friedli, Karin; Almond, Michael; Day, Clara; Da Silva-Gane, Maria; Davenport, Andrew; Fineberg, Naomi A; Spencer, Benjamin; Wellsted, David; Farrington, Ken
17-Jan-2018Parental Depression is Prospectively Associated With Lower Smoking Cessation Rates and Poor Child Asthma OutcomesEndrighi, Romano; McQuaid, Elizabeth L; Bartlett, Yvonne Kiera; Clawson, Ashley H; Borrelli, Belinda
3-Feb-2018Neural activation during delay discounting is associated with 6-month change in risky sexual behavior in adolescentsGardiner, Casey K; Karoly, Hollis C; Thayer, Rachel E; Gillman, Arielle S; Sabbineni, Amithrupa; Bryan, Angela D
1-Feb-2018Mechanisms of Physical Activity Behavior Change for Prostate Cancer Survivors: A Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialCraike, Melinda J; Gaskin, Cadeyrn J; Mohebbi, Mohammadreza; Courneya, Kerry S; Livingston, Patricia M
20-Jul-2018Similarities and Differences in Tobacco Control Research Findings From Convenience and Probability SamplesJeong, Michelle; Zhang, Dongyu; Morgan, Jennifer C; Ross, Jennifer Cornacchione; Osman, Amira; Boynton, Marcella H; Mendel, Jennifer R; Brewer, Noel T
26-Jun-2018Pictorial Warning Labels and Memory for Cigarette Health-risk Information Over TimePeters, Ellen; Shoots-Reinhard, Brittany; Evans, Abigail T; Shoben, Abigail; Klein, Elizabeth; Tompkins, Mary Kate; Romer, Daniel; Tusler, Martin
12-Dec-2017Coordination of Self- and Parental-Regulation Surrounding Type I Diabetes Management in Late AdolescenceButner, Jonathan E; Berg, Cynthia A; Munion, A K; Turner, Sara L; Hughes-Lansing, Amy; Winnick, Joel B; Wiebe, Deborah J
13-Dec-2017Effects of Pictorial Warning Labels for Cigarettes and Quit-Efficacy on Emotional Responses, Smoking Satisfaction, and Cigarette ConsumptionRomer, Daniel; Ferguson, Stuart G; Strasser, Andrew A; Evans, Abigail T; Tompkins, Mary Kate; Macisco, Joseph; Fardal, Michael; Tusler, Martin; Ellen, Peters
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13

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