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24-May-2019Dynamic and Functional Profiling of Xylan-Degrading Enzymes in Aspergillus Secretomes Using Activity-Based ProbesSchröder, Sybrin P.; de Boer, Casper; McGregor, Nicholas G. S.; Rowland, Rhianna J.; Moroz, Olga; Blagova, Elena; Reijngoud, Jos; Arentshorst, Mark; Osborn, David; Morant, Marc D.; Abbate, Eric; Stringer, Mary A.; Krogh, Kristian B. R. M.; Raich, Lluís; Rovira, Carme; Berrin, Jean-Guy; van Wezel, Gilles P.; Ram, Arthur F. J.; Florea, Bogdan I.; van der Marel, Gijsbert A.; Codée, Jeroen D. C.; Wilson, Keith S.; Wu, Liang; Davies, Gideon J.; Overkleeft, Herman S.
7-Jun-2019Brønsted Acid Scaling Relationships Enable Control Over Product Selectivity from O(2) Reduction with a Mononuclear Cobalt Porphyrin CatalystWang, Yu-Heng; Schneider, Patrick E.; Goldsmith, Zachary K.; Mondal, Biswajit; Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon; Stahl, Shannon S.
31-May-2019Learning Retrosynthetic Planning through Simulated ExperienceSchreck, John S.; Coley, Connor W.; Bishop, Kyle J. M.
12-Jun-2019Positioning-Group-Enabled Biocatalytic Oxidative DearomatizationDockrey, Summer A. Baker; Suh, Carolyn E.; Benítez, Attabey Rodríguez; Wymore, Troy; Brooks, Charles L.; Narayan, Alison R. H.
17-Jun-2019Standards Seekers Put the Human Microbiome in Their SightsKatsnelson, Alla
24-May-2019Thermal-Responsive Carbon Monoxide (CO) Delivery Expedites Metabolic Exhaustion of Cancer Cells toward Reversal of Chemotherapy ResistanceLi, Yongjuan; Dang, Juanjuan; Liang, Qiujun; Yin, Lichen
24-May-2019Highly Flexible, Stretchable, and Tunable Optical Diffusers with Mechanically Switchable Wettability SurfacesAlqurashi, Tawfiq; Butt, Haider
9-May-2019Targeted Protein Internalization and Degradation by ENDosome TArgeting Chimeras (ENDTACs)Nalawansha, Dhanusha A.; Paiva, Stacey-Lynn; Rafizadeh, Diane N.; Pettersson, Mariell; Qin, Liena; Crews, Craig M.
29-May-20197-Hydroxymitragynine Is an Active Metabolite of Mitragynine and a Key Mediator of Its Analgesic EffectsKruegel, Andrew C.; Uprety, Rajendra; Grinnell, Steven G.; Langreck, Cory; Pekarskaya, Elizabeth A.; Le Rouzic, Valerie; Ansonoff, Michael; Gassaway, Madalee M.; Pintar, John E.; Pasternak, Gavril W.; Javitch, Jonathan A.; Majumdar, Susruta; Sames, Dalibor
15-May-2019Enhanced Diffusion of Catalytically Active EnzymesZhang, Yifei; Hess, Henry
10-Jun-2019Interplay of Homogeneous Reactions, Mass Transport, and Kinetics in Determining Selectivity of the Reduction of CO(2) on Gold ElectrodesZhang, Benjamin A.; Ozel, Tuncay; Elias, Joseph S.; Costentin, Cyrille; Nocera, Daniel G.
5-Jun-2019Functionalized Spiky Particles for Intracellular Biomolecular DeliveryChen, Hui-Jiuan; Hang, Tian; Yang, Chengduan; Liu, Di; Su, Chen; Xiao, Shuai; Liu, Chenglin; Lin, Di-an; Zhang, Tao; Jin, Quanchang; Tao, Jun; Wu, Mei X.; Wang, Ji; Xie, Xi
12-Jun-2019Spatially Defined Drug Targeting by in Situ Host–Guest Chemistry in a Living AnimalZou, Lei; Braegelman, Adam S.; Webber, Matthew J.
10-May-2019Modular and Processable Fluoropolymers Prepared via a Safe, Mild, Iodo–Ene PolymerizationJaye, Joseph A.; Sletten, Ellen M.
13-Jun-2019A Conversation with Miriam DiamondPelley, Janet
2-May-2019Spontaneous Formation of CdSe Photoluminescent Nanotubes with Visible-Light Photocatalytic PerformanceHuang, Xiaopeng; Parashar, Virendra K.; Gijs, Martin A. M.
29-May-2019Unveiling 7-Hydroxymitragynine as the Key Active Metabolite of Mitragynine and the Promise for Creating Novel Pain RelieversSpetea, Mariana; Schmidhammer, Helmut
1-May-2019In Vivo Multicolor Imaging with Fluorescent Probes Revealed the Dynamics and Function of Osteoclast Proton PumpsMinoshima, Masafumi; Kikuta, Junichi; Omori, Yuta; Seno, Shigeto; Suehara, Riko; Maeda, Hiroki; Matsuda, Hideo; Ishii, Masaru; Kikuchi, Kazuya
10-Jun-2019Homogeneous Reactions Limit the Efficiency of Gold Electrodes in CO(2) ElectroreductionGu, Jun; Hu, Xile
19-Apr-2019Mapping and Profiling Lipid Distribution in a 3D Model of Breast Cancer ProgressionVidavsky, Netta; Kunitake, Jennie A. M. R.; Diaz-Rubio, Maria Elena; Chiou, Aaron E.; Loh, Hyun-Chae; Zhang, Sheng; Masic, Admir; Fischbach, Claudia; Estroff, Lara A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 727
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