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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1-Jul-2013Digital electron diffraction – seeing the whole pictureBeanland, Richard; Thomas, Paul J.; Woodward, David I.; Thomas, Pamela A.; Roemer, Rudolf A.
1-Sep-2013Semi-transparent central stop in high-resolution X-ray ptychography using Kirkpatrick–Baez focusingWilke, R. N.; Vassholz, M.; Salditt, T.
1-Jul-2011High-resolution study of (222, 113) three-beam diffraction in GeKazimirov, A.; Kohn, V. G.
1-Sep-2011Bayesian algorithms for recovering structure from single-particle diffraction snapshots of unknown orientation: a comparisonMoths, Brian; Ourmazd, Abbas
1-Sep-2011Mathematical aspects of molecular replacement. I. Algebraic properties of motion spacesChirikjian, Gregory S.
1-Jan-2012Grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering: application to the study of quantum dot latticesBuljan, Maja; Radić, Nikola; Bernstorff, Sigrid; Dražić, Goran; Bogdanović-Radović, Iva; Holý, Václav
1-May-2012High-resolution study of (002, 113, 11−1) four-beam diffraction in SiKohn, V. G.; Kazimirov, A.
1-Mar-2013Structural constraints on the three-dimensional geometry of simple viruses: case studies of a new predictive toolKeef, Thomas; Wardman, Jessica P.; Ranson, Neil A.; Stockley, Peter G.; Twarock, Reidun
1-Jan-2013Equivalence of superspace groupsvan Smaalen, Sander; Campbell, Branton J.; Stokes, Harold T.
1-Nov-2011A multi-dataset data-collection strategy produces better diffraction dataLiu, Zhi-Jie; Chen, Lirong; Wu, Dong; Ding, Wei; Zhang, Hua; Zhou, Weihong; Fu, Zheng-Qing; Wang, Bi-Cheng
1-Nov-2011Some B (eq) are more equivalent than othersMerritt, Ethan A.
1-May-2012Classifying and assembling two-dimensional X-ray laser diffraction patterns of a single particle to reconstruct the three-dimensional diffraction intensity function: resolution limit due to the quantum noiseTokuhisa, Atsushi; Taka, Junichiro; Kono, Hidetoshi; Go, Nobuhiro
1-Jan-2013The early development of neutron diffraction: science in the wings of the Manhattan ProjectMason, T. E.; Gawne, T. J.; Nagler, S. E.; Nestor, M. B.; Carpenter, J. M.
1-Jul-2012Enhanced rigid-bond restraintsThorn, Andrea; Dittrich, Birger; Sheldrick, George M.
1-Mar-2010Time-resolved synchrotron diffraction and theoretical studies of very short-lived photo-induced molecular speciesCoppens, Philip; Benedict, Jason; Messerschmidt, Marc; Novozhilova, Irina; Graber, Tim; Chen, Yu-Sheng; Vorontsov, Ivan; Scheins, Stephan; Zheng, Shao-Liang
1-Jul-2010High-resolution study of dynamical diffraction phenomena accompanying the Renninger (222/113) case of three-beam diffraction in siliconKazimirov, A.; Kohn, V. G.
1-Jan-2011Geometric properties of nucleic acids with potential for autobuildingGruene, Tim; Sheldrick, George M.
1-Jul-2011The development of Laue techniques for single-pulse diffraction of chemical complexes: time-resolved Laue diffraction on a binuclear rhodium metal-organic complexMakal, Anna; Trzop, Elzbieta; Sokolow, Jesse; Kalinowski, Jaroslaw; Benedict, Jason; Coppens, Philip
1-Mar-2010Time-resolved structural studies of protein reaction dynamics: a smorgasbord of X-ray approachesWestenhoff, Sebastian; Nazarenko, Elena; Malmerberg, Erik; Davidsson, Jan; Katona, Gergely; Neutze, Richard
1-Mar-2010Five-dimensional crystallographySchmidt, Marius; Graber, Tim; Henning, Robert; Srajer, Vukica
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28
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