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30-Apr-2019Experimentally obtained and computer-simulated X-ray non-coplanar 18-beam pinhole topographs for a silicon crystalOkitsu, Kouhei; Imai, Yasuhiko; Yoda, Yoshitaka
28-Feb-2019Full real-space analysis of a dodecagonal quasicrystalSchenk, Sebastian; Zollner, Eva Maria; Krahn, Oliver; Schreck, Berit; Hammer, René; Förster, Stefan; Widdra, Wolf
26-Jun-2019Theoretical study of the properties of X-ray diffraction moiré fringes. I. Corrigenda and addendaYoshimura, Jun-ichi
21-Feb-2019Principles of weakly ordered domains in intermetallics: the cooperative effects of atomic packing and electronics in Fe(2)Al(5)Vinokur, Anastasiya I.; Hilleke, Katerina P.; Fredrickson, Daniel C.
1-Jan-2019Selling reduction versus Niggli reduction for crystallographic latticesAndrews, Lawrence C.; Bernstein, Herbert J.; Sauter, Nicholas K.
3-May-2018A method to estimate statistical errors of properties derived from charge-density modellingFournier, Bertrand; Guillot, Benoît; Lecomte, Claude; Escudero-Adán, Eduardo C.; Jelsch, Christian
1-Mar-2018The development of powder profile refinement at the Reactor Centre Netherlands at Pettenvan Laar, Bob; Schenk, Henk
5-Jul-2018Indexing of grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction patterns: the case of fibre-textured thin filmsSimbrunner, Josef; Simbrunner, Clemens; Schrode, Benedikt; Röthel, Christian; Bedoya-Martinez, Natalia; Salzmann, Ingo; Resel, Roland
1-Jan-2018Quasicrystals: What do we know? What do we want to know? What can we know?Steurer, Walter
26-Oct-2017[Image: see text]-module defects in crystalsSirindil, Abdullah; Quiquandon, Marianne; Gratias, Denis
9-Jun-2017Reduction of small-angle scattering profiles to finite sets of structural invariantsHoudayer, Jérôme; Poitevin, Frédéric
1-Jan-2018Small-angle X-ray scattering tensor tomography: model of the three-dimensional reciprocal-space map, reconstruction algorithm and angular sampling requirementsLiebi, Marianne; Georgiadis, Marios; Kohlbrecher, Joachim; Holler, Mirko; Raabe, Jörg; Usov, Ivan; Menzel, Andreas; Schneider, Philipp; Bunk, Oliver; Guizar-Sicairos, Manuel
23-Feb-2018Spatial displacement of forward-diffracted X-ray beams by perfect crystalsRodriguez-Fernandez, A.; Esposito, V.; Sanchez, D. F.; Finkelstein, K. D.; Juranic, P.; Staub, U.; Grolimund, D.; Reiche, S.; Pedrini, B.
30-Jan-2017Asymmetry in serial femtosecond crystallography dataSharma, Amit; Johansson, Linda; Dunevall, Elin; Wahlgren, Weixiao Y.; Neutze, Richard; Katona, Gergely
7-May-2017On the Penrose and Taylor–Socolar hexagonal tilingsLee, Jeong-Yup; Moody, Robert V.
29-Jun-2017High-resolution X-ray diffraction with no sample preparationHansford, G. M.; Turner, S. M. R.; Degryse, P.; Shortland, A. J.
29-Jun-2017Three-dimensional single-cell imaging with X-ray waveguides in the holographic regimeKrenkel, Martin; Toepperwien, Mareike; Alves, Frauke; Salditt, Tim
16-Feb-2016Analysis of multicrystal pump–probe data sets. II. Scaling of ratio data setsFournier, Bertrand; Sokolow, Jesse; Coppens, Philip
29-Jan-2016Three-dimensional propagation in near-field tomographic X-ray phase retrievalRuhlandt, Aike; Salditt, Tim
5-Feb-2016Ab initio structure determination of nanocrystals of organic pharmaceutical compounds by electron diffraction at room temperature using a Timepix quantum area direct electron detectorvan Genderen, E.; Clabbers, M. T. B.; Das, P. P.; Stewart, A.; Nederlof, I.; Barentsen, K. C.; Portillo, Q.; Pannu, N. S.; Nicolopoulos, S.; Gruene, T.; Abrahams, J. P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31
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