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24-Jan-2019The phase transitions of 4-aminopyridine-based indolocarbazoles: twinning, local- and pseudo-symmetryKader, Thomas; Stöger, Berthold; Fröhlich, Johannes; Kautny, Paul
18-May-2019Pressure-induced transformation of CH(3)NH(3)PbI(3): the role of the noble-gas pressure transmitting mediaArakcheeva, Alla; Svitlyk, Volodymyr; Polini, Eleonora; Henry, Laura; Chernyshov, Dmitry; Sienkiewicz, Andrzej; Giriat, Gaétan; Glushkova, Anastasiia; Kollar, Marton; Náfrádi, Bálint; Forro, Laszlo; Horváth, Endre
27-Mar-2019Accurate geometrical restraints for Watson–Crick base pairsGilski, Miroslaw; Zhao, Jianbo; Kowiel, Marcin; Brzezinski, Dariusz; Turner, Douglas H.; Jaskolski, Mariusz
23-May-2019Three differently coloured polymorphs of 3,6-bis­(4-chloro­phenyl)-2,5-di­propyl-2,5-di­hydro­pyrrolo­[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dioneSo, Hee-Soo; Matsumoto, Shinya
19-Nov-2018Electronic structure of two isostructural ‘paddle-wheel’ complexes: a comparative studyHerich, Peter; Bučinský, Lukáš; Breza, Martin; Gall, Marián; Fronc, Marek; Petřiček, Václav; Kožíšek, Jozef
12-Jan-2018Bond-length distributions for ions bonded to oxygen: metalloids and post-transition metalsGagné, Olivier Charles; Hawthorne, Frank Christopher
23-Jan-2017A priori checking of the light-response and data quality before extended data collection in pump–probe photocrystallography experimentsCoppens, Philip; Makal, Anna; Fournier, Bertrand; Jarzembska, Katarzyna N.; Kamiński, Radosław; Basuroy, Krishnayan; Trzop, Elzbieta
28-Jun-2018Nollmotzite, Mg[U(V)(U(VI)O(2))(2)O(4)F(3)]·4H(2)O, the first natural uranium oxide containing fluorinePlášil, Jakub; Kampf, Anthony R.; Škoda, Radek; Čejka, Jiří
25-Jan-2018Determination of hydrogen site and occupancy in hydrous Mg(2)SiO(4) spinel by single-crystal neutron diffractionPurevjav, Narangoo; Okuchi, Takuo; Wang, Xiaoping; Hoffmann, Christina; Tomioka, Naotaka
23-Jan-2019A proposal for coherent nomenclature of multicomponent crystalsGryl, Marlena; Kozieł, Marcin; Stadnicka, Katarzyna M.
23-Jul-2018High-density HNIW/TNT cocrystal synthesized using a green chemical methodLiu, Yan; An, Chongwei; Luo, Jin; Wang, Jingyu
13-Jan-2018Bond-length distributions for ions bonded to oxygen: results for the non-metals and discussion of lone-pair stereoactivity and the polymerization of PO(4)Gagné, Olivier Charles; Hawthorne, Frank Christopher
14-Nov-2018Fundamental aspects of symmetry and order parameter coupling for martensitic transition sequences in Heusler alloysCarpenter, Michael A.; Howard, Christopher J.
23-Nov-2017Compression of glycolide-h(4) to 6 GPaHutchison, Ian B.; Bull, Craig L.; Marshall, William G.; Parsons, Simon; Urquhart, Andrew J.; Oswald, Iain D. H.
11-Nov-2017Intermetallics. Structures, Properties, and Statistics.Battezzati, Livio
24-Nov-2017Intelligent Materials and Structures.Koster, Gertjan
28-Nov-2017Out-of-plane ionicity versus in-plane covalency interplay in high-T (c) cupratesGuerfi, T.
28-Nov-2017Crystal Chemistry. From Basics to Tools for Materials Creation.Müller, Ulrich
22-Nov-2017The crystal structure of Rb(2)Ti(2)O(5)Federicci, Rémi; Baptiste, Benoit; Finocchi, Fabio; Popa, Florin; Brohan, Luc; Béneut, Keevin; Giura, Paola; Rousse, Gwenaëlle; Descamps-Mandine, Armel; Douillard, Thierry; Shukla, Abhay; Leridon, Brigitte
28-Nov-2017Phase transition and proton ordering at 50 K in 3-(pyridin-4-yl)pentane-2,4-dioneTruong, Khai-Nghi; Merkens, Carina; Meven, Martin; Faßbänder, Björn; Dronskowski, Richard; Englert, Ulli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69
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