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2019Do tourniquet and drainage influence fast track in total knee arthroplasty? Our results on 151 casesChiara, Concina; Marina, Crucil; Stefano, Fabbro; Franco, Gherlinzoni
2019The management of syndesmotic screw in ankle fracturesFrancesco, Pogliacomi; Carlotta, Artoni; Sara, Riccoboni; Filippo, Calderazzi; Enrico, Vaienti; Francesco, Ceccarelli
2019Dual mobility total hip arthroplasty in the treatment of femoral neck fractures: a retrospective evaluation at mid-term follow-upGianluca, Canton; Alessandro, Moghnie; Mirco, Cleva; Francesco, M. Kostoris; Luigi, Murena
2019Rotator cuff tears reparability index based on pre-operative MRI: our experiencePaolo Di, Benedetto; Alessandro, Beltrame; C., Cicuto; C., Battistella; Renato, Gisonni; Vanni, Cainero; Araldo, Causero
2019Patellar and quadriceps tendons acute repair with suture anchorsAndrea, Colombelli; Federico, Polidoro; Giovanni, Guerra; Alberto, Belluati
2019Rupture of the femoral component and severe metallosis of the knee 10 years after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA): a case reportEugenio, Vecchini; Alessandro, Ditta; Margherita, Gelmini; Tommaso, Maluta; Roberto, Valentini; Matteo, Ricci; Bruno, Magnan
2019Two-stage management of a spontaneous fracture of the greater trochanter through osteolytic lesions induced by polyethylene wear of a total hip arthroplasty. A case reportDario, Regis; Andrea, Sandri; Elena, Samaila; Bruno, Magnan
2019Preliminary experience with triangular CarboFix “Piccolo” Distal Radius Plate in wrist fractures. Clinical and radiological resultsMatteo, Guzzini; Domenico, Lupariello; Riccardo, Maria Lanzetti; Daniele, Mazza; Andrea, Ferretti
2018Advanced gastric cancer: the value of surgeryPaola, Fugazzola; Luca, Ansaloni; Massimo, Sartelli; Fausto, Catena; Enrico, Cicuttin; Gioacchino, Leandro; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis; Federica, Gaiani; Francesco, Di Mario; Matteo, Tomasoni; Federico, Coccolini
2018From Sidney to OLGA: an overview of atrophic gastritisPellegrino, Crafa; Michele, Russo; Chiara, Miraglia; Alberto, Barchi; Florenzo, Moccia; Antonio, Nouvenne; Gioacchino, Leandro; Tiziana, Meschi; Gian, Luigi de’ Angelis; Francesco, Di Mario
2018Eosinophilic esophagitis in pediatric age, state of the art and review of the literatureSilvia, Iuliano; Roberta, Minelli; Francesca, Vincenzi; Federica, Gaiani; Claudio, Ruberto; Gioacchino, Leandro; Barbara, Bizzarri; Antonio, Nouvenne; Francesco, Di Mario; Gian, Luigi de’ Angelis
2018Autoimmune diseases in autoimmune atrophic gastritisKryssia, Isabel Rodriguez-Castro; Marilisa, Franceschi; Chiara, Miraglia; Michele, Russo; Antonio, Nouvenne; Gioacchino, Leandro; Tiziana, Meschi; Gian, Luigi de’ Angelis; Francesco, Di Mario
2018Hemolytic uremic syndrome: differential diagnosis with the onset of inflammatory bowel diseasesLaura, Bianchi; Federica, Gaiani; Francesca, Vincenzi; Stefano, Kayali; Francesco, Di Mario; Gioacchino, Leandro; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis; Claudio, Ruberto
2018Thyroid and celiac disease in pediatric age: a literature reviewRoberta, Minelli; Federica, Gaiani; Stefano, Kayali; Francesco, Di Mario; Fabiola, Fornaroli; Gioacchino, Leandro; Antonio, Nouvenne; Francesca, Vincenzi; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis
2018The impact of intestinal microbiota on bio-medical research: definitions, techniques and physiology of a “new frontier”Andrea, Ticinesi; Antonio, Nouvenne; Claudio, Tana; Beatrice, Prati; Nicoletta, Cerundolo; Chiara, Miraglia; Gian, Luigi de’ Angelis; Francesco, Di Mario; Tiziana, Meschi
2018Is the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy a real contraindication to perform intravenous contrast enhanced Computed Tomography for non-traumatic acute abdomen in Emergency Surgery Department?Belinda, De Simone; Luca, Ansaloni; Massimo, Sartelli; Federica, Gaiani; Gioacchino, Leandro; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis; Francesco, Di Mario; Federico, Coccolini; Fausto, Catena
2018Endoscopic ultrasound in pediatric population: a comprehensive review of the literatureBarbara, Bizzarri; Giorgio, Nervi; Alessia, Ghiselli; Elisabetta, Manzali; Francesco, Di Mario; Gioacchino, Leandro; Federica, Gaiani; Stefano, Kayali; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis
2018Inverse association between Helicobacter pylori and inflammatory bowel disease: myth or fact?Stefano, Kayali; Federica, Gaiani; Marco, Manfredi; Roberta, Minelli; Giorgio, Nervi; Antonio, Nouvenne; Gioacchino, Leandro; Francesco, Di Mario; Gian, Luigi de’Angelis
2018Peripheral neuropathy and gastroenterologic disorders: an overview on an underrecognized associationCarlotta, Spagnoli; Francesco, Pisani; Francesco, Di Mario; Gioacchino, Leandro; Federica, Gaiani; Gian, Luigide’Angelis; Carlo, Fusco
2019Management of the child with allergy to non-antibiotic drugsRoberto, Bernardini; Fabio, Cardinale; Francesca, Mori; Francesca, Saretta; Lucia, Liotti; Fabrizio, Franceschini; Giuseppe, Crisafulli; Silvia, Caimmi; Paolo, Bottau; Carlo, Caffarelli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 325
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