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30-Apr-2019Findable Accessible Interoperable Re-usable (FAIR) diffraction data are coming to protein crystallographyHelliwell, John R.; Minor, Wladek; Weiss, Manfred S.; Garman, Elspeth F.; Read, Randy J.; Newman, Janet; van Raaij, Mark J.; Hajdu, Janos; Baker, Edward N.
13-May-2019Structure of the Prx6-subfamily 1-Cys peroxiredoxin from Sulfolobus islandicusStroobants, Sander; Van Molle, Inge; Saidi, Queen; Jonckheere, Karl; Maes, Dominique; Peeters, Eveline
24-Apr-2019Structural basis for oligomerization of the prokaryotic peptide transporter PepT(So2)Nagamura, Reina; Fukuda, Masahiro; Kawamoto, Akihiro; Matoba, Kyoko; Dohmae, Naoshi; Ishitani, Ryuichiro; Takagi, Junichi; Nureki, Osamu
24-Jan-2019Iterative screen optimization maximizes the efficiency of macromolecular crystallizationJones, Harrison G.; Wrapp, Daniel; Gilman, Morgan S. A.; Battles, Michael B.; Wang, Nianshuang; Sacerdote, Sofia; Chuang, Gwo-Yu; Kwong, Peter D.; McLellan, Jason S.
1-Jan-2019On cross-correlations, averages and noise in electron microscopyRadermacher, Michael; Ruiz, Teresa
1-Mar-2019Welcoming Janet Newman with a BLAST on crystallization strategyvan Raaij, Mark J.
2-Apr-2019Pseudomonas aeruginosa esterase PA2949, a bacterial homolog of the human membrane esterase ABHD6: expression, purification and crystallizationBleffert, Florian; Granzin, Joachim; Gohlke, Holger; Batra-Safferling, Renu; Jaeger, Karl-Erich; Kovacic, Filip
26-Nov-2018Structural studies of a glycoside hydrolase family 3 β-glucosidase from the model fungus Neurospora crassaKarkehabadi, Saeid; Hansson, Henrik; Mikkelsen, Nils Egil; Kim, Steve; Kaper, Thijs; Sandgren, Mats; Gudmundsson, Mikael
13-Mar-2019Substrate-analogue complex structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis decaprenyl diphosphate synthaseKo, Tzu-Ping; Xiao, Xiansha; Guo, Rey-Ting; Huang, Jian-Wen; Liu, Weidong; Chen, Chun-Chi
30-Nov-2018Crystal structure of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens type VI effector–immunity complexFukuhara, Satoshi; Nakane, Takanori; Yamashita, Keitaro; Ishii, Ryohei; Ishitani, Ryuichiro; Nureki, Osamu
29-Nov-2018An inexpensive system for imaging the contents of multi-well platesBohm, Andrew
2-Apr-2019Crystallization of the human tetraspanin protein CD9Umeda, Rie; Nishizawa, Tomohiro; Nureki, Osamu
29-Apr-2019Comparative structure analysis of the ETSi domain of ERG3 and its complex with the E74 promoter DNA sequence. CorrigendumSharma, Ruby; Gangwar, Shanti P.; Saxena, Ajay K.
1-Jan-2019Acta Crystallographica Section F – another home for cryo-electron microscopy contributionsMitra, Alok K.; van Raaij, Mark
17-Oct-2018Crystal structures and kinetics of N-acetylneuraminate lyase from Fusobacterium nucleatumKumar, Jay Prakash; Rao, Harshvardhan; Nayak, Vinod; Ramaswamy, S.
31-Oct-2018Quo vadis, Acta Crystallographica F?van Raaij, Mark J.
1-Aug-2018Structural studies of the unusual metal-ion site of the GH124 endoglucanase from Ruminiclostridium thermocellumUrresti, Saioa; Cartmell, Alan; Liu, Feng; Walton, Paul H.; Davies, Gideon J.
3-Sep-2018TssA from Aeromonas hydrophila: expression, purification and crystallographic studiesDix, Samuel R.; Sun, Ruyue; Harris, Matthew J.; Batters, Sarah L.; Sedelnikova, Svetlana E.; Baker, Patrick J.; Thomas, Mark S.; Rice, David W.
21-Sep-2018Redox manipulation of the manganese metal in human manganese superoxide dismutase for neutron diffractionAzadmanesh, Jahaun; Lutz, William E.; Weiss, Kevin L.; Coates, Leighton; Borgstahl, Gloria E. O.
29-Aug-2018TssA from Burkholderia cenocepacia: expression, purification, crystallization and crystallographic analysisOwen, Hayley J.; Sun, Ruyue; Ahmad, Asma; Sedelnikova, Svetlana E.; Baker, Patrick J.; Thomas, Mark S.; Rice, David W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 864
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