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2019Immunogenicity of Different Forms of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome S GlycoproteinOzharovskaia, T. A.; Zubkova, O. V.; Dolzhikova, I. V.; Gromova, A. S.; Grousova, D. M.; Tukhvatulin, A. I.; Popova, O.; Shcheblyakov, D. V.; Scherbinin, D. N.; Dzharullaeva, A. S.; Erokhova, A. S.; Shmarov, M. M.; Loginova, S. Y.; Borisevich, S. V.; Naroditsky, B. S.; Logunov, D. Y.; Gintsburg, A. L.
2019Isolation, Purification and Characterization of L,D-transpeptidase 2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosisBaldin, S. M.; Shcherbakova, T. A.; Švedas, V. K.
2019Structure of the Anti-C60 Fullerene Antibody Fab Fragment: Structural Determinants of Fullerene BindingOsipov, E. M.; Hendrickson, O. D.; Tikhonova, T. V.; Zherdev, A. V.; Solopova, O. N.; Sveshnikov, P. G.; Dzantiev, B. B.; Popov, V. O.
2019Mauritian Endemic Medicinal Plant Extracts Induce G2/M Phase Cell Cycle Arrest and Growth Inhibition of Oesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in VitroRummun, N.; Hughes, R. E.; Beesoo, R.; Li, W. W.; Aldulaimi, O.; Macleod, K. G.; Bahorun, T.; Carragher, N. O.; Kagansky, A.; Neergheen-Bhujun, V. S.
2019A Novel Dipeptide NGF Mimetic GK-2 Selectively Activating the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway Promotes the Survival of Pancreatic β-Cells in a Rat Model of DiabetesOstrovskaya, R. U.; Ivanov, S. V.; Gudasheva, T. A.; Seredenin, S. B.
2019CASBench: A Benchmarking Set of Proteins with Annotated Catalytic and Allosteric Sites in Their StructuresZlobin, A.; Suplatov, D.; Kopylov, K.; Švedas, V.
2018Gamma-Carbolines Derivatives As Promising Agents for the Development of Pathogenic Therapy for ProteinopathySkvortsova, V. I.; Bachurin, S. O.; Ustyugov, A. A.; Kukharsky, M. S.; Deikin, A. V.; Buchman, V. L.; Ninkina, N. N.
2018Multifaced Roles of the Urokinase System in the Regulation of Stem Cell NichesDergilev, K. V.; Stepanova, V. V.; Beloglazova, I. B.; Tsokolayev, Z. I.; Parfenova, E. V.
2018Variants of Mitochondrial Genome and Risk of Multiple Sclerosis Development in RussiansKozin, M. S.; Kulakova, O. G.; Kiselev, I. S.; Balanovsky, O. P.; Boyko, A. N.; Favorova, O. O.
2019Thermodynamics of the DNA Repair Process by Endonuclease VIIIKladova, O. A.; Kuznetsov, N. A.; Fedorova, O. S.
2019Consensus Integrase of a New HIV-1 Genetic Variant CRF63_02A1Agapkina, Y. Y.; Pustovarova, M. A.; Korolev, S. P.; Zyryanova, D. P.; Ivlev, V. V.; Totmenin, A. V.; Gashnikova, N. M.; Gottikh, M. B.
2018The Preferable Binding Pose of Canonical Butyrylcholinesterase Substrates Is Unproductive for EchothiophateZlobin, A. S.; Zalevsky, A. O.; Mokrushina, Yu. A.; Kartseva, O. V.; Golovin, A. V.; Smirnov, I. V.
2019Adaptation of the Newcastle Disease Virus to Cell Cultures for Enhancing Its Oncolytic PropertiesYurchenko, K. S.; Jing, Yi.; Shestopalov, A. M.
2019Ligands of Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 1a: Mechanisms of Action and Binding SitesTikhonov, D. B.; Magazanik, L. G.; Nagaeva, E. I.
2018“Noah’s Ark” Project: Interim Results and Outlook for Classic Collection DevelopmentKalyakin, M. V.; Seregin, A. P.; Solovchenko, A. E.; Kamenski, P. A.; Sadovnichiy, V. A.
2018Overexpression of Adenoviral E1A Sensitizes E1A+Ras-Transformed Cells to the Action of Histone Deacetylase InhibitorsIgotti, M. V.; Svetlikova, S. B.; Pospelov, V. A.
2018The Mechanism of Fluorescence Quenching of Protein Photosensitizers Based on miniSOG During Internalization of the HER2 ReceptorKuzichkina, E. O.; Shilova, O. N.; Deyev, S. M.
2018Tag7-Mts1 Complex Induces Lymphocytes Migration via CCR5 and CXCR3 ReceptorsSharapova, T. N.; Romanova, E. A.; Sashchenko, L. P.; Yashin, D. V.
2018Bacterial Enzymes and Antibiotic ResistanceEgorov, A. M.; Ulyashova, M. M.; Rubtsova, M. Yu.
2018Identification of Novel Interaction Partners of AIF Protein on the Outer Mitochondrial MembraneFadeeva, N. P.; Antipova, N. V.; Shender, V. O.; Anufrieva, K. S.; Stepanov, G. A.; Bastola, S.; Shakhparonov, M. I.; Pavlyukov, M. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 471
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