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1-May-2015The Ret receptor regulates sensory neuron dendrite growth and integrin mediated adhesionSoba, P; Han, C; Zheng, Y; Perea, D; Miguel-Aliaga, I; Jan, LY; Jan, YN
24-Mar-2015PRO2000 vaginal gel for prevention of HIV-1 infection (Microbicides Development Programme 301): a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group trialMcCormack, S; Ramjee, G; Kamali, A; Rees, H; Crook, AM; Gafos, M; Jentsch, U; Pool, R; Chisembele, M; Kapiga, S; Mutemwa, R; Vallely, A; Palanee, T; Sookrajh, Y; Lacey, CJ; Darbyshire, J; Grosskurth, H; Profy, A; Nunn, A; Hayes, R; Weber, J
24-Mar-2015B-cell depletion reveals a role for antibodies in the control of chronic HIV-1 infectionHuang, K-HG; Bonsall, D; Katzourakis, A; Thomson, EC; Fidler, SJ; Main, J; Muir, D; Weber, JN; Frater, AJ; Phillips, RE; Pybus, OG; Goulder, PJR; McClure, MO; Cooke, GS; Klenerman, P
24-Mar-2015Localized spatial clustering of HIV infections in a widely disseminated rural South African epidemicTanser, F; Barnighausen, T; Cooke, GS; Newell, M-L
24-Mar-2015Mapping of a novel susceptibility locus suggests a role for MC3R and CTSZ in human tuberculosisCooke, GS; Campbell, SJ; Bennett, S; Lienhardt, C; McAdam, KPWJ; Sirugo, G; Sow, O; Gustafson, P; Mwangulu, F; van Helden, P; Fine, P; Hoal, EG; Hill, AVS
24-Mar-2015A Genome-Wide Investigation of SNPs and CNVs in SchizophreniaNeed, AC; Ge, D; Weale, ME; Maia, J; Feng, S; Heinzen, EL; Shianna, KV; Yoon, W; Kasperaviciute, D; Gennarelli, M; Strittmatter, WJ; Bonvicini, C; Rossi, G; Jayathilake, K; Cola, PA; McEvoy, JP; Keefe, RSE; Fisher, EMC; St. Jean, PL; Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Moeller, H-J; Ruppert, A; Fraser, G; Crombie, C; Middleton, LT; St. Clair, D; Roses, AD; Muglia, P; Francks, C; Rujescu, D; Meltzer, HY; Goldstein, DB
24-Mar-2015Copy number variation of KIR genes influences HIV-1 control.Pelak, K; Need, AC; Fellay, J; Shianna, KV; Feng, S; Urban, TJ; Ge, D; De Luca, A; Martinez-Picado, J; Wolinsky, SM; Martinson, JJ; Jamieson, BD; Bream, JH; Martin, MP; Borrow, P; Letvin, NL; McMichael, AJ; Haynes, BF; Telenti, A; Carrington, M; Goldstein, DB; Alter, G; NIAID Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology,
24-Mar-2015An HIV-1 clade C DNA prime, NYVAC boost vaccine regimen induces reliable, polyfunctional, and long-lasting T cell responsesHarari, A; Bart, P-A; Stoehr, W; Tapia, G; Garcia, M; Medjitna-Rais, E; Burnet, S; Cellerai, C; Erlwein, O; Barber, T; Moog, C; Liljestrom, P; Wagner, R; Wolf, H; Kraehenbuhl, J-P; Esteban, M; Heeney, J; Frachette, M-J; Tartaglia, J; McCormack, S; Babiker, A; Weber, J; Pantaleo, G
24-Mar-2015The intraepithelial T cell response to NKG2D-ligands links lymphoid stress surveillance to atopy.Strid, J; Sobolev, O; Zafirova, B; Polic, B; Hayday, A
24-Mar-2015EBNA3B-deficient EBV promotes B cell lymphomagenesis in humanized mice and is found in human tumorsWhite, RE; Raemer, PC; Naresh, KN; Meixlsperger, S; Pinaud, L; Rooney, C; Savoldo, B; Coutinho, R; Boedoer, C; Gribben, J; Ibrahim, HA; Bower, M; Nourse, JP; Gandhi, MK; Middeldorp, J; Cader, FZ; Murray, P; Muenz, C; Allday, MJ
24-Mar-2015An ATM/Chk2-Mediated DNA Damage-Responsive Signaling Pathway Suppresses Epstein-Barr Virus Transformation of Primary Human B CellsNikitin, PA; Yan, CM; Forte, E; Bocedi, A; Tourigny, JP; White, RE; Allday, MJ; Patel, A; Dave, SS; Kim, W; Hu, K; Guo, J; Tainter, D; Rusyn, E; Luftig, MA
24-Mar-2015Choice of fluids for resuscitation in children with severe infection and shock: systematic reviewAkech, S; Ledermann, H; Maitland, K
24-Mar-2015Use of Zidovudine and Interferon Alfa With Chemotherapy Improves Survival in Both Acute and Lymphoma Subtypes of Adult T-Cell Leukemia/LymphomaHodson, A; Crichton, S; Montoto, S; Mir, N; Matutes, E; Cwynarski, K; Kumaran, T; Ardeshna, KM; Pagliuca, A; Taylor, GP; Fields, PA
4-May-2017The innate anti-viral effects of Azithromycin and other novel macrolidesEdwards, Michael; Hewson, Chris; Johnston, Sebastian; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain); Pfizer Inc.; Porter, James Daniel
24-Mar-2015In vivo Expression of Human T-lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Basic Leucine-Zipper Protein Generates Specific CD8+and CD4+T-Lymphocyte Responses that Correlate with Clinical OutcomeHilburn, S; Rowan, A; Demontis, M-A; MacNamara, A; Asquith, B; Bangham, CRM; Taylor, GP
1-May-2015The international Metabolomics Society in 2015: the path forward to successRoessner, U; Bearden, DW; Ebbels, T
20-Mar-2015Langerhans cell (LC) proliferation mediates neonatal development, homeostasis, and inflammation-associated expansion of the epidermal LC network.Chorro, L; Sarde, A; Li, M; Woollard, KJ; Chambon, P; Malissen, B; Kissenpfennig, A; Barbaroux, JB; Groves, R; Geissmann, F
19-Mar-2015Associations between Green Space and Health in English Cities: An Ecological, Cross-Sectional StudyBixby, HRH; Hodgson, S; Fortunato, L; Hansell, A; Fecht, D
19-Mar-2015Metabolic Phenotyping of Atherosclerotic Plaques Reveals Latent Associations between Free Cholesterol and Ceramide Metabolism in Atherogenesis.Vorkas, PA; Shalhoub, J; Isaac, G; Want, EJ; Nicholson, JK; Holmes, E; Davies, AH
21-Jul-2015The role of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) in articular cartilageVincent, Tonia; Tang, Xiaodi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2365
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