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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018 CEJ Volume 348 September (71).pdf.jpg2018brineLawagon, Chosel P; Nisola, Grace M; Cuevas, Rosemarie Ann I; Kim, Hern; Lee, Seong-poong
2018 CEJ Volume 348 September (86).pdf.jpg2018One-step co-electrodeposition of hierarchical radial Ni x P nanospheres on Ni foam as highly active fl exible electrodes for hydrogen evolution reaction and supercapacitorCao, Xueying; Jia, Dedong; Li, Da; Cui, Liang; Liu, Jingquan
2018 CEJ Volume 334 February (129).pdf.jpg2018Geometric architecture design of ternary composites based on dispersive WO 3 nanowires for enhanced visible-light-driven activity of refractory pollutant degradationMao, Jin; Zhang, Qi; Li, Peiwu; Zhang, Liangxiao; Zhang, Wen
2018 CEJ Volume 334 February (141).pdf.jpg2018Highly permeable and selective CO 2 separation membrane to utilize 5- hydroxyisophthalic acid in poly ( ethylene oxide ) matrixWan, Ki; Wook, Sang
2018 CEJ Volume 334 February (15).pdf.jpg2018Adsorption of argon on graphitized carbon black preloaded with methanol , ammonia and water : The role of adsorption regions and adsorbatesZeng, Yonghong; Xu, Hui; Do, D D; Nicholson, D
2018 CEJ Volume 335 March (105).pdf.jpg2018Transformation of phenolic compounds by peroxymonosulfate in the presence of iodide and formation of iodinated aromatic productsLi, Juan; Zhou, Yang; Jiang, Jin; Pang, Su-yan; Gao, Yuan; Yang, Yi; Liu, Guanqi; Ma, Jun; Jiang, Chengchun; Wang, Lihong
2018 CEJ Volume 334 February (98).pdf.jpg2018Engineering rGO-CNT wrapped Co 3 S 4 nanocomposites for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitorsMohammadi, Abdolkhaled; Arsalani, Nasser; Goljanian, Amin
2018 CEJ Volume 335 March (70).pdf.jpg2018Ni ( II ) induced aerobic ring opening degradation of atrazine with core-shell FeShen, Wenjuan; Wang, Bingning; Jia, Falong; Ai, Zhihui; Zhang, Lizhi
2018 CEJ Volume 335 March (87).pdf.jpg2018Removal of contaminants of emerging concern by membranes in water and wastewater : A reviewKim, Sewoon; Hoon, Kyoung; Al-hamadani, Yasir A J; Min, Chang; Jang, Min
2018 CEJ Volume 336 March (76).pdf.jpg2018Two-dimensional porous ZnCo 2 O 4 thin sheets assembled by 3D nano fl ake array with enhanced performance for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitorZhu, Jikui; Song, Dianmei; Pu, Tao; Li, Jie; Huang, Biao; Wang, Wensong; Zhao, Chenglan
2018 CEJ Volume 337 April (11).pdf.jpg2018Complete mineralization of organic pollutants in water by treatment with air non-thermal plasmaCeriani, Elisa; Marotta, Ester; Shapoval, Volodymyr; Favaro, Gabriella; Paradisi, Cristina
2018 CEJ Volume 337 April (36).pdf.jpg2018Formation and degradation of polybrominated dibenzofurans ( PBDFs ) in the UV photolysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers ( PBDEs ) in various solutionsWang, Rui; Tang, Ting; Lu, Guining; Huang, Kaibo; Chen, Mohang; Tao, Xueqin; Yin, Hua
2018 CEJ Volume 338 April (13).pdf.jpg2018Design of orderly carbon coatings for SiO anodes promoted by TiO 2 toward high performance lithium-ion batteryDou, Fei; Shi, Liyi; Song, Pingan; Chen, Guorong; An, Juan; Liu, Hongjiang
2018 CEJ Volume 338 April (36).pdf.jpg2018Impact of salinity on antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater treatment bioreactorsLiu, Meitian; Li, Qiaoling; Sun, Haohao; Jia, Shuyu; He, Xiwei; Li, Mei; Zhang, Xu-xiang; Ye, Lin
2018 CEJ Volume 337 April (70).pdf.jpg2018Synergistic conversion and removal of total Cr from aqueous solution by photocatalysis and capacitive deionizationHou, Shujin; Xu, Xingtao; Wang, Miao; Lu, Ting; Sun, Chang Q; Pan, Likun
2018 CEJ Volume 337 April (57).pdf.jpg2018Novel and recyclable demulsi fi er of expanded perlite grafted by magnetic nanoparticles for oil separation from emulsi fi ed oil wastewatersXu, Haiyan; Jia, Weihong; Ren, Sili; Wang, Jinqing
2018 CEJ Volume 337 April (71).pdf.jpg2018Synthesis of magnetically recoverable Fe 0 / graphene-TiO 2 nanowires composite for both reduction and photocatalytic oxidation of metronidazoleWang, Xiangyu; Wang, Anqi; Lu, Mengyang; Ma, Jun
2018 CEJ Volume 339 May (41).pdf.jpg2018visible light photocatalytic degradation of acetaldehydeBoningari, Thirupathi; Nagi, Siva; Inturi, Reddy; Suidan, Makram; Smirniotis, Panagiotis G
2018 CEJ Volume 342 June (16).pdf.jpg2018Energetic evaluation of swing adsorption processes for CO 2 capture in selected MOFs and zeolites : E ff ect of impuritiesBahamon, Daniel; Díaz-márquez, Alejandro; Gamallo, Pablo; Vega, Lourdes F
2018 CEJ Volume 341 June (48).pdf.jpg2018Removal of elemental mercury from fl ue gas using red mud impregnated by KBr and KI reagentYang, Wei; Hussain, Arshad; Zhang, Jun; Liu, Yangxian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2136
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