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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 1 (6).pdf.jpg2019Evaluation of soft tissues simulant materials in cone beam computed tomographyLopes, Priscila A; Santaella, Gustavo M; Lima, Carlos Augusto S; Vasconcelos, Karla De Faria
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 2 (2).pdf.jpg2019A comparison of diagnosis of early stage interproximal caries with bitewing radiographs and periapical images using consensus referenceTakahashi, Noriaki; Lee, Cliff; Daren, John; Silva, Da; Ohyama, Hiroe; Roppongi, Motoi
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 2 (3).pdf.jpg2019Intensity of artefacts in cone beam CT examinations caused by titanium and glass fibre-reinforced composite implantsKuusisto, Niina
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 4 (6).pdf.jpg2019Marginal bone loss and resorption of second molars related to maxillary third molars in panoramic images compared with CBCTHermann, Louise; Wenzel, Ann; Schropp, Lars; Matzen, Louise Hauge
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 1 (7).pdf.jpg2019Image segmentation-based volume approximation — volume as a factor in the clinical management of osteolytic jaw lesionsKauke, Martin; Safi, Ali-farid; Grandoch, Andrea; Nickenig, Hans-joachim; Zöller, Joachim
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 3 (1).pdf.jpg2019Prevalence of radiographic findings on jaws exposed to antiresorptive therapy: a meta-analysisDutra, Kamile Leonardi; Haas, Letícia Fernanda; Zimmermann, Glaucia S; Melo, Gilberto; Minamisako, Mariana Comparotto; Flores-Mir, Carlos; Corrêa, Márcio
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 3 (10).pdf.jpg2019Are metal artefact reduction algorithms effective to correct cone beam CT artefacts arising from the exomass?Candemil, Amanda Pelegrin; Salmon, Benjamin; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz; Ambrosano, Glaucia Maria Bovi; Haiter-Neto, Francisco; Oliveira, Matheus Lima
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 3 (11).pdf.jpg2019Differentiation between solitary fibrous tumors and schwannomas of the head and neck: an apparent diffusion coefficient histogram analysisKunimatsu, Natsuko; Kunimatsu, Akira; Miura, Koki; Mori, Ichiro; Nawano, Shigeru
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 4 (8).pdf.jpg2019Influence of scan mode (partial/full rotations) and FOV size in the formation of artefacts in cone beam CTCosta, Eliana Dantas Da; Queiroz, Polyane Mazucatto; Santaella, Gustavo Machado; Capelozza, Ana Lúcia Alvares; Ambrosano, Glaucia Maria Bovi; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 4 (9).pdf.jpg2019Simple computation of the approximated modulation transfer function (MTF) using spreadsheet-software: method and evaluation in five maxillofacial CBCT-devicesSchulze, Ralf Kurt Willy; Doering, Clara I
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 4 (7).pdf.jpg2019Dimensional accuracy of cone beam CT with varying angulation of the jaw to the X-ray beamKoch, George K.; Hamilton, Adam; Wang, Kelly; Herschdorfer, Laura; Lee, Kyu Ha; Gallucci, German O.; Friedland, Bernard
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 7 (1).pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of mandibular odontogenic keratocyst and ameloblastoma by panoramic radiograph and computed tomographyBerretta, Daniel; Alves, Moreira; Tuji, Fabrício Mesquita; Alves, Fábio Abreu; Rocha, André Caroli; Santos-silva, Alan Roger; Vargas, Pablo Agustin; Lopes, Márcio Ajudarte
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 7 (7).pdf.jpg2018Geometric distortion of panoramic reconstruction in third molar tilting assessments : a comprehensive evaluationLupi, Saturnino Marco; Galinetto, Pietro; Cislaghi, Matteo; Rodriguez, Arianna; Scrib-, Andrea
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 1 (5).pdf.jpg2019Three-dimensional radiological evaluation of secondary alveolar bone grafting in cleft lip and palate patients : a systematic reviewMulder, Dries De; Llano-pérula, Maria Cadenas De; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Verdonck, Anna; Willems, Guy
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 1 (4).pdf.jpg2019An systematic review of e-learning outcomes in undergraduate dental radiology curricula — levels of learning and implications for researchers and curriculum plannersBotelho, Michael G; Agrawal, Kalpana R; Bornstein, Michael M
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 2 (15).pdf.jpg2019Acknowledgement to reviewers 2018Razek, Ahmed Abdel; Alcaraz, Miguel; An, Seo-young; Aps, Johan; Ariji, Yoshiko; Becker, Talia; Bollen, Anne-marie; Chen, Hui; Chen, Yi-jane; Souza, Paulo Couto; Dagassan-berndt, Dorothea; Danforth, Robert; Grauwe, Annelore De; El-hakim, Ibrahim; Haiter-neto, Francisco
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 2 (14).pdf.jpg2019Marker-based watershed transform method for fully automatic mandibular segmentation from CBCT imagesFan, Yi; Beare, Richard; Matthews, Harold; Schneider, Paul; Claes, Peter; Penington, Anthony; Adamson, Christopher; Kilpatrick, Nicky; Clement, John
2019 DMFR Volume 48 Issue 2 (4).pdf.jpg2019Comparison of manual and dose reduction modes of a MORITARottke, Dennis; Dreger, Julia; Sawada, Kunihiko; Honda, Kazuya; Schulze, Dirk
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 5 (12).pdf.jpg2018Are different imaging methods affecting the treatment decision of extractions of mandibular third molars? Methodological and statistical issues—an answer to Letter to the EditorManor, Yifat
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 5 (11).pdf.jpg2018Odontoid fracture depicted on a panoramic radiographOmami, Galal; Miller, Craig S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86
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