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2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 4 April (2).pdf.jpg2018Prevalence and long-term prognosis of patients with ‘ narrower than normal ’ QRS complexesMaury, Philippe; Lematte, Elodie; Derval, Nicolas; Rollin, Anne; Bongard, Vanina; Duparc, Alexandre; Mondoly, Pierre; Cardin, Christelle; Sadron, Marie; Galinier, Michel; Carrie, Didier; Hocini, Meleze; Denis, Arnaud; Ferrieres, Jean; Sacher, Frederic; Haı, Michel; Ruida
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (5).pdf.jpg2018Artefact-free late gadolinium enhancement imaging in patients with implanted cardiac devices using a modified broadband sequence : current strategies and results from a real-world patient cohortHilbert, Sebastian; Weber, Alexander; Nehrke, Kay; Bo, Peter; Schnackenburg, Bernhard; Oebel, Sabrina; Spampinato, Ricardo; Rogge, Cathleen; Richter, Sergio; Hindricks, Gerhard; Paetsch, Ingo; Jahnke, Cosima
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (13).pdf.jpg2018Cardiac electrophysiology and ablation A stepwise approach to conduit puncture for electrophysiological procedures in patients with Fontan circulationUhm, Jae-sun; Kim, Nam Kyun; Yu, Hee Tae; Yang, Pil-sung; Kim, Jung Ok; Kim, Tae-hoon; Song, Mi Kyoung; Lee, Sang-yun; Joung, Boyoung; Pak, Hui-nam; Choi, Jae Young; Jung, Jo Won; Lee, Moon-hyoung
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2018Pulmonary vein re-mapping after cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillationYokoyama, Kenichi; Tokuda, Michifumi; Matsuo, Seiichiro; Isogai, Ryota; Tokutake, Kenichi; Kato, Mika; Narui, Ryohsuke; Tanigawa, Shinichi; Yamashita, Seigo; Inada, Keiichi; Yoshimura, Michihiro; Yamane, Teiichi
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (29).pdf.jpg2018Factors influencing the use of subcutaneous or transvenous implantable cardioverter- defibrillators : results of the European Heart Rhythm Association prospective surveyBoveda, Serge; Lenarczyk, Radoslaw; Fumagalli, Stefano; Tilz, Roland; Kempa, Maciej; Defaye, Pascal; Marquie, Christelle
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (12).pdf.jpg2018Predictors of long-term survival free from relapses after extraction of infected CIEDDiemberger, Igor; Biffi, Mauro; Lorenzetti, Stefano; Martignani, Cristian; Raffaelli, Elena; Ziacchi, Matteo; Rapezzi, Claudio; Pacini, Davide; Boriani, Giuseppe
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (18).pdf.jpg2018The bipolar ablation of refractory typical atrial flutter with CARTO 3 Confidense systemMartin, C A; Va, Ezzat; Chew, A; Jw, Mccready; Pd, Lambiase; Aw, Chow; Kałmucki, Piotr; Telec, Wojciech; Szyszka, Andrzej
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (31).pdf.jpg2018European Heart Rhythm Association ( EHRA ) position paper on arrhythmia management and device therapies in endocrine disorders , endorsed by Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society ( APHRS ) and Latin American Heart Rhythm Society ( LAHRS )Gorenek, Bulent; Boriani, Giuseppe; Dan, Gheorge-andrei; Fauchier, Laurent; Fenelon, Guilherme; Huang, He; Kudaiberdieva, Gulmira; Lip, Gregory Y H; Mahajan, Rajiv; Potpara, Tatjana; Ramirez, Juan David; Vos, Marc A; Co-chair, Francisco Marin
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (2).pdf.jpg2018Long-term clinical impact of permanent cardiac pacing after transcatheter aortic valve implantation with the CoreValve prosthesis : a single center experienceLezo, De; Su, J; Bellido, F Mazuelos; Alvarez-ossorio, M Pan; Moreno, M Romero; Pineda, S Ojeda; Pavlovic, D; Rubio, D Mesa; Chavarr, J; Diego, S Rodriguez; Ferreiro, C; Dur, E; Gonz, J Moya
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (25).pdf.jpg2018Contemporary stroke prevention strategies in 11 096 European patients with atrial fibrillation : a report from the EURObservational Research Programme on Atrial Fibrillation ( EORP-AF ) Long-Term General RegistryBoriani, Giuseppe; Proietti, Marco; Fauchier, Laurent; Marin, Francisco; Nabauer, Michael; Potpara, Tatjana; Dan, Gheorghe-andrei; Kalarus, Zbigniew; Diemberger, Igor; Tavazzi, Luigi; Maggioni, Aldo P; Lip, Gregory Y H; Registry, Eorp-af Long-term General
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (1).pdf.jpg2018Peri-mitral atrial flutter : personalized ablation strategy based on arrhythmogenic substrateYu, Jinbo; Chen, Kai; Yang, Bing; Zhang, Fengxiang; Ju, Weizhu; Chen, Hongwu; Yang, Gang; Li, Mingfang; Wang, Benqi; Gu, Kai; Ouyang, Feifan; Ho, Siew Yen; Po, Sunny; Chen, Minglong
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (16).pdf.jpg2018Pacing for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy : an update and future directionsDaubert, Claude; Gadler, Fredrik; Mabo, Philippe; Linde, Cecilia
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (6).pdf.jpg2018Ethics and the cardiac pacemaker : more than just end-of-life issuesHutchison, Katrina; Sparrow, Robert
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (24).pdf.jpg2018Pulmonary vein laceration during cryoballoon ablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation-
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (28).pdf.jpg2018Letters to the editor-
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (15).pdf.jpg2018Innovation in cardiovascular disease in Europe with focus on arrhythmias : current status , opportunities , roadblocks , and the role of multiple stakeholdersPrinzen, Frits W; Dagres, Nikolaos; Bollmann, Andreas; Arnar, David O; Bove, Sylvie; Camm, John; Casadei, Barbara; Kirchhof, Paulus; Kuck, Karl-heinz; Lumens, Joost; Michel, Martin C; Schwartz, Peter J; Vleymen, Betty Van; Vardas, Panos; Hindricks, Gerhard
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (19).pdf.jpg2018Sex differences in outcomes of primary prevention implantable cardioverter- defibrillator therapy : combined registry data from eleven European countriesSticherling, Christian; Arendacka, Barbora; Svendsen, Jesper Hastrup; Wijers, Sofieke; Friede, Tim; Stockinger, Jochem; Dommasch, Michael; Merkely, Bela; Willems, Rik; Lubinski, Andrzej; Scharfe, Michael; Braunschweig, Frieder; Svetlosak, Martin; Zu, Christine S; Fleva
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 5 May (22).pdf.jpg2018Cryoballoon ablation in the elderly : one year outcome and safety of the second-generation 28mm cryoballoon in patients over 75 years oldTscholl, Verena; Lin, Tina; Lsharaf, Abdullah Khaled-a; Bellmann, Barbara; Nagel, Patrick; Lenz, Klaus; Landmesser, Ulf; Roser, Mattias; Rillig, Andreas
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue F1 June (7).pdf.jpg2018The brisk-standing-test for long QT syndrome in prepubertal school children : defining normalFilippini, L H P M; Postema, P G; Zoubin, K; Hermans, B J M; Blom, N A; Delhaas, T; Wilde, A A M
2018 Europace Volume 20 Issue 6 June (6).pdf.jpg2018Structuring ( right ) atrial fibrillation : location mattersLendeckel, Uwe; Wolke, Carmen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 487
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