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2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 2 (7).pdf.jpg2018Determination of the palatal masticatory mucosa thickness by dental MRI : a prospective study analysing age and gender effectsHeil, Alexander; Schwindling, Franz Sebastian; Jelinek, Constanze; Fischer, Manuel; Prager, Marcel; Gonzalez, Eduardo Lazo; Bendszus, Martin; Heiland, Sabine; Hilgenfeld, Tim
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 3 (6).pdf.jpg2018Inter- and intraexaminer reliability of bitewing radiography and near-infrared light transillumination for proximal caries detection and assessmentLitzenburger, Friederike; Heck, Katrin; Pitchika, Vinay; Neuhaus, Klaus W; Jost, Fabian N; Jablonski-momeni, Anahita; Welk, Alexander; Lederer, Alexander; Kühnisch, Jan
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (7).pdf.jpg2018Assessment of impacted and partially impacted lower third molars with panoramic radiography compared to MRI — a proof of principle studyKirnbauer, Barbara; Jakse, Norbert; Rugani, Petra; Schwaiger, Michael; Magyar, Marton
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 3 (7).pdf.jpg2018Radiation dose from X-ray examinations of impacted canines : cone beam CT vs two-dimensional imaging-
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (4).pdf.jpg2018Mucoepidermoid carcinoma mimicking a mucocele ( ranula ) in the floor of the mouthMelo, Saulo L Sousa; Lanzel, Emily; Pagedar, Nitin A; Alhazmi, Daniah; Dahmoush, Laila; Bruno, A; Campos, Marcia S
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (3).pdf.jpg2018CT imaging features of antiresorptive agent-related osteonecrosis of the jaw / medication-related osteonecrosis of the jawBaba, Akira; Goto, Tazuko K; Ojiri, Hiroya; Takagiwa, Mutsumi; Hiraga, Chiho; Okamura, Masahiro; Hasegawa, Sho; Okuyama, Yumi; Ogino, Nobuhiro; Yamauchi, Hideomi; Kobashi, Yuko; Yama-, Shinji; Munetomo, Yohei; Mogami, Takuji; Nomura, Takeshi
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 2 (5).pdf.jpg2018Analyses of aerodynamic characteristics of the oropharynx applying CBCT : obstructive sleep apnea patients versus control subjectsChen, Hui; Li, Yingguang; Reiber, Johan H C; Lange, Jan De; Tu, Shengxian; Stelt, Paul Van Der; Aarab, Ghizlane
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 3 (1).pdf.jpg2018Operator safety during the acquisition of intraoral images with a handheld and portable X-ray deviceRottke, Dennis; Gohlke, Lisa; Schrödel, Robert; Hassfeld, Stefan; Schulze, Dirk
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 1 (4).pdf.jpg2018Osseous changes in patients with medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws-
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (1).pdf.jpg2018Pose determination of a blade implant in three dimensions from a single two-dimensional radiographToti, Paolo; Barone, Antonio; Covani, Ugo; Marconcini, Simone; Menchini-fabris, Giovanni Battista
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (6).pdf.jpg2018Prediction of detectability of the mandibular canal by quantitative image quality evaluation using cone beam CTTakeshita, Yohei; Shimizu, Mayumi; Jasa, Gainer R; Weerawanich, Warangkana; Okamura, Kazutoshi
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 3 (2).pdf.jpg2018Three-dimensional imaging of soft and hard facial tissues in patients with craniofacial syndromes : a systematic review of methodological qualityLewyllie, Arianne; Llano-pérula, Maria Cadenas De; Verdonck, Anna; Willems, Guy
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 1 (9).pdf.jpg2018Mandibular canal visibility using a plain volumetric interpolated breath-hold examination sequence in MRI-
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 2 (10).pdf.jpg2018Acknowledgement to ReviewersRazek, Ahmed Abdel; Alcaraz, Miguel; An, Seo-young; Aps, Johan; Ariji, Yoshiko; Becker, Talia; Chen, Hui; Souza, Paulo Couto; Grauwe, Annelore De; El-hakim, Ibrahim; Horner, Keith; Katz, Jerry; Kim, Jo-eun; Kim, Gyu-tae; Lam, Ernest; Ledesma-montes, Constantino; Lee, Sam
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 2 (6).pdf.jpg2018Size distribution and clinicoradiological signs of aggressiveness in odontogenic myxoma — three-dimensional analysis and systematic reviewKauke, Martin; Safi, Ali-farid; Kreppel, Matthias; Grandoch, Andrea; Nickenig, Hans-joachim; Zöller, E; Dreiseidler, Timo
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 1 (5).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of panoramic radiography and cone beam CT in the assessment of juxta-apical radiolucencyHelena, Eduarda; Nascimento, Leandro; Caroline, Anne; Oenning, Costa; Freire, Bernardo Barbosa; Haiter-neto, Francisco; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (5).pdf.jpg2018Accuracy of dental development for estimating the pubertal growth spurt in comparison to skeletal development : a systematic review and meta-analysisAlan, Marcos; Bittencourt, Vieira; Cericato, Graziela Oro; Franco, Ademir; Girão, Rafaela Silva; Lima, Barbosa; Paranhos, Luiz Renato
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 2 (1).pdf.jpg2018Automatic localization of three-dimensional cephalometric landmarks on CBCT images by extracting symmetry features of the skullNeelapu, Bala Chakravarthy; Kharbanda, Om Prakash; Sardana, Viren; Gupta, Abhishek; Balachandran, Rajiv; Sardana, Harish Kumar
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 3 (5).pdf.jpg2018Does CBCT alter the diagnostic thinking efficacy , management and prognosis of patients with suspected Stage 0 medication- related osteonecrosis of the jaws ?Shimamoto, Hiroaki; Grogan, Tristan R; Tsujimoto, Tomomi; Kakimoto, Naoya; Murakami, Shumei; Elashoff, David; Aghaloo, Tara L; Tetradis, Sotirios
2018 JoDMR Volume 47 Issue 4 (8).pdf.jpg2018Comparison of the accuracy of periapical radiography with CBCT taken at 3 different voxel sizes in detecting simulated endodontic complications : an ex vivo studyKarahan, Sevilay
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38
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