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2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 10 March (37).pdf.jpg2019Correction to Higher Antioxidant Activity , Total Flavonols , and Speci fi c Quercetin Glucosides in Two Di ff erent Onion ( Allium cepa L .) Varieties Grown under Organic Production : Results from a 6 ‑ Year Field StudyRen, Feiyue; Reilly, Kim; Kerry, Joseph P; Ga, Michael; Hossain, Mohammad; Rai, Dilip K
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 10 March (25).pdf.jpg2019Identification of the Key Aroma Compounds in Gluten-Free Rice BreadBoeswetter, Anke R; Scherf, Katharina A; Schieberle, Peter; Koehler, Peter
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 12 March (11).pdf.jpg2019Depression of Fungal Polygalacturonase Activity in Solanum lycopersicum Contributes to Antagonistic Yeast-Mediated Fruit Immunity to BotrytisLu, Laifeng; Ji, Lifeng; Ma, Qingqing; Yang, Mingguan; Li, Shuhua; Tang, Qiong; Qiao, Liping
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 12 March (21).pdf.jpg2019Fed-Batch and Sequential-Batch Approaches To Enhance the Bioproduction of 2 ‑ Phenylethanol and 2 ‑ Phenethyl Acetate in Solid- State Fermentation Residue-Based Systems ́Font, Xavier; Barrena, Raquel; Mart, Oscar; Sa, Antoni
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 13 April (31).pdf.jpg2019Undernutrition Shapes the Gut Microbiota and Bile Acid Pro fi le in Association with Altered Gut-Liver FXR Signaling in Weaning PigsLin, Sen; Yang, Xiaomin; Yuan, Peiqiang; Yang, Jiameng; Wang, Peng; Zhong, Heju; Zhang, Xiaoling; Che, Lianqiang; Feng, Bin; Li, Jian; Zhuo, Yong; Lin, Yan; Xu, Shengyu; Wu, De; Burrin, Douglas G; Fang, Zhengfeng
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 13 April (1).pdf.jpg2019Rational Optimization and Action Mechanism of Novel Imidazole ( or Antibacterial Agents against Plant Bacterial DiseasesWang, Pei-yi; Wang, Ming-wei; Zeng, Dan; Xiang, Meng; Rao, Jia-rui; Liu, Qing-qing; Liu, Li-wei; Wu, Zhi-bing; Li, Zhong; Song, Bao-an; Yang, Song
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 13 April (18).pdf.jpg2019Characterization of a Regulator pgsR on Endogenous Plasmid p2Sip and Its Complementation for Poly(γ-glutamic acid) Accumulation in Bacillus amyloliquefaciensQiu, Yibin; Zhu, Yifan; Zhang, Yatao; Sha, Yuanyuan; Xu, Zongqi; Li, Sha; Feng, Xiaohai; Xu, Hong
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 15 April (14).pdf.jpg2019Cyclase-Associated Protein Cap with Multiple Domains Contributes to Mycotoxin Biosynthesis and Fungal Virulence in Aspergillus flavusYang, Kunlong; Liu, Yinghang; Wang, Sen; Wu, Lianghuan; Xie, Rui; Lan, Huahui; Fasoyin, Opemipo Esther; Wang, Yu; Wang, Shihua
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 13 April (25).pdf.jpg2019Enhanced β-Amyrin Synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Coupling An Optimal Acetyl-CoA Supply PathwayLiu, Hu; Fan, Jingjing; Wang, Chen; Li, Chun; Zhou, Xiaohong
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 13 April (7).pdf.jpg2019Citral Photodegradation in Solution: Highlighting of a Radical Pathway in Parallel to Cyclization Pathway ́Galopin, Christophe; Laleve, Jacques
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 4 January (29).pdf.jpg2019Changes in Phenolic Acid and Iso fl avone Contents during Soybean Drying and StorageFerreira, Cristiano Dietrich; Ziegler, Valmor; Tiago, Jorge; Goebel, Schwanz; Fernanda, Jessica; Carvalho, Ivan Ricardo; Chaves, Fabio Clasen; Oliveira, Mauricio De
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 4 January (22).pdf.jpg2019Reduced Absorption and Impaired Translocation Endows Glyphosate Resistance in Amaranthus palmeri Harvested in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean from ArgentinaPalma-bautista, Candelario; Torra, Joel; Garcia, Maria J; Bracamonte, Enzo; Prado, Rafael De; Rojano-delgado, Antonia M; Alca, Ricardo
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 4 January (7).pdf.jpg2019Application of DNA- and Protein-Based Detection Methods in Agricultural BiotechnologyAlarcon, Clara M; Shan, Guomin; Layton, Dean T; Bell, Tandace A; Whipkey, Susan; Shillito, Raymond D
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 4 January (15).pdf.jpg2019An Innovative Metabolomic Approach for Golden Rum Classi fi cation Combining Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography − Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry and Chemometric Strategies ́Romero-gonza, Roberto; Arrebola, Francisco Javier; Rau, Jose; Luis, Jose; Frenich, Antonia Garrido
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 4 January (24).pdf.jpg2019Fabrication of Microcapsules by the Combination of Biomass Porous Carbon and Polydopamine for Dual Self-Healing HydrogelsLiu, Shumin; Rao, Zhilu; Wu, Ruiyue; Sun, Zhixiang; Yuan, Zhiru; Bai, Liangjiu; Wang, Wenxiang; Yang, Huawei; Chen, Hou
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 3 January (7).pdf.jpg2019Elegant and E ffi cient Biotransformation for Dual Production of D ‑ Tagatose and Bioethanol from Cheese Whey PowderZheng, Zhaojuan; Xie, Jiaxiao; Liu, Peng; Li, Xin; Ouyang, Jia
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 8 February (32).pdf.jpg2019Induction of Apoptosis in Human Glioma Cells by Fucoxanthin via Triggering of ROS-Mediated Oxidative Damage and Regulation of MAPKs and PI3K–AKT PathwaysWu, Hua-lian; Fu, Xiao-yan; Cao, Wen-qiang; Xiang, Wen-zhou; Hou, Ya-jun; Ma, Jin-kui
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 9 March (18).pdf.jpg2019An Improved, Rapid, and Sensitive Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-High-Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Analysis for the Determination of Highly Polar Pesticides and Contaminants in Processed Fruits and VegetablesSavini, Sara; Bandini, Mirella; Sannino, Anna
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 8 February (33).pdf.jpg2019Establishment and Use of Human Mouth Epidermal Carcinoma ( KB ) Cells Overexpressing P ‑ Glycoprotein To Characterize Structure Requirements for Flavonoids Transported by the E ffl ux TransporterFang, Yajing; Xia, Mengmeng; Liang, Fuqiang; Cao, Weiwei; Pan, Siyi; Xu, Xiaoyun
2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 6 February (9).pdf.jpg2019From the Representativeness of Sampled Odors to an Olfactive Camera ́Chaintreau, Alain; Keller, Urs; Zellner, Barbara; Nguy, Kelly; Leocata, Sabine; Corporate, R; Division, D; Sa, Firmenich; Jeunes, Route; Geneva, Ch-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 625
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