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2018 JCS Volume 13 (10).pdf.jpg2018Porcine pulmonary valve decellularization with NaOH-based vs detergent process : preliminary in vitro and in vivo assessmentsSteenberghe, Mathieu Van; Schubert, Thomas; Gerelli, Sébastien; Bouzin, Caroline; Guiot, Yves; Xhema, Daela; Bollen, Xavier; Abdelhamid, Karim; Gianello, Pierre
2018 JCS Volume 13 (3).pdf.jpg2018Is isolated aortic valve replacement sufficient to treat concomitant moderate functional mitral regurgitation ? A propensity-matched analysisSorabella, Robert A; Olds, Anna; Yerebakan, Halit; Hassan, Dua; Borger, Michael A; Argenziano, Michael; Smith, Craig R; George, Isaac
2018 JCS Volume 13 (19).pdf.jpg2018Minimally invasive mitral valve repair via right mini-thoracotomy in patient with myelodysplastic syndromeTaguchi, Takura; Nishi, Hiroyuki; Kurose, Kimihiro; Horikawa, Kohei; Kanazawa, Go; Takahashi, Toshiki
2018 JCS Volume 13 (17).pdf.jpg2018Stanford type B aortic dissection is more frequently associated with coronary artery atherosclerosis than type AHashiyama, Naoki; Goda, Motohiko; Uchida, Keiji; Isomatsu, Yukihisa; Suzuki, Shinichi; Mo, Makoto; Nishida, Takahiro; Masuda, Munetaka
2018 JCS Volume 13 (1).pdf.jpg2018Giant thymoma successfully resected via median sternotomy and anterolateral thoracotomy : a case reportAzuma, Yoko; Otsuka, Hajime; Makino, Takashi; Koezuka, Satoshi; Anami, Yoichi; Sadamoto, Sota; Wakayama, Megumi; Tochigi, Naobumi; Shibuya, Kazutoshi; Iyoda, Akira
2018 JCS Volume 13 (14).pdf.jpg2018Myocardial insufficiency is related to reduced subunit 4 content of cytochrome c oxidaseVogt, Sebastian; Ruppert, Volker; Pankuweit, Sabine; Paletta, Jürgen P J; Rhiel, Annika; Weber, Petra; Irqsusi, Marc; Cybulski, Pia; Ramzan, Rabia
2018 JCS Volume 13 (11).pdf.jpg2018The use of cangrelor with heparin for left ventricular assist device implantation in a patient with acute heparin-induced thrombocytopeniaGernhofer, Yan K; Ross, Michael; Khoche, Swapnil; Pretorius, Victor
2018 JCS Volume 13 (23).pdf.jpg2018Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio predicts recurrence in patients with resected stage 1 non-small cell lung cancerMizuguchi, Shinjiro; Izumi, Nobuhiro; Tsukioka, Takuma; Komatsu, Hiroaki; Nishiyama, Noritoshi
2018 JCS Volume 13 (9).pdf.jpg2018Does full sternotomy have more significant impact than the cardiopulmonary bypass time in patients of mitral valve surgery ?Qiu, Zhibing; Chen, Xin; Xu, Yueyue; Huang, Fuhua; Xiao, Liqiong; Yang, Ting; Yin, Li
2018 JCS Volume 13 (2).pdf.jpg2018Volume of mural thrombus plays a role in the elevation of inflammatory markers after endovascular aortic repairLee, Jae Hang; Choi, Jin-ho; Kim, Eung-joong
2018 JCS Volume 13 (7).pdf.jpg2018Treatment of malignant primary cardiac lymphoma with tumor resection using minimally invasive cardiac surgeryEndo, Yuki; Nakamura, Yoshitsugu; Kuroda, Miho; Nakanishi, Yusuke; Ito, Yujiro; Hori, Takaki; Okamoto, Rumiko; Konishi, Hiroshi
2018 JCS Volume 13 (8).pdf.jpg2018Aortic arch cannulation with the guidance of transesophageal echocardiography for Stanford type A aortic dissectionMa, Hao; Xiao, Zhenghua; Shi, Jun; Liu, Lulu; Qin, Chaoyi; Guo, Yingqiang
2018 JCS Volume 13 (11).pdf.jpg2018Differences of patients ’ characteristics in acute type A aortic dissection – surgical data from Belgian and Japanese centers-Goda, Motohiko; Minami, Tomoyuki; Imoto, Kiyotaka; Uchida, Keiji; Masuda, Munetaka; Meuris, Bart
2018 JCS Volume 13 (24).pdf.jpg2018Sternal instability measured with radiostereometric analysis . A study of method feasibility , accuracy and precisionVestergaard, Rikke Falsig; Søballe, Kjeld; Hasenkam, John Michael; Stilling, Maiken
2018 JCS Volume 13 (9).pdf.jpg2018Early diaphragmatic plication after cardiac surgery : a case report in an obese patientLafrenière-bessi, Valérie; Jacques, Frédéric; Baillot, Richard; Bussières, Jean; Ugalde, Paola A; Langevin, Stephan
2018 JCS Volume 13 (16).pdf.jpg2018Short-term outcomes of robot-assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy for esophageal cancer : a propensity score matched analysisHe, Haiqi; Wu, Qifei; Wang, Zhe; Zhang, Yong; Chen, Nanzheng; Fu, Junke; Zhang, Guangjian
2018 JCS Volume 13 (13).pdf.jpg2018Isolated right superior vena cava draining into the left atrium in a child with vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation — case reportElmahrouk, Ahmed F; Helal, Abdelmonem; Ismail, Mohamed F; Hamouda, Tamer
2018 JCS Volume 13 (16).pdf.jpg2018Prosthesis-patient mismatch after mitral valve replacement : a single-centered retrospective analysis in East ChinaAkuffu, Armah M; Zhao, Haige; Zheng, Junnan; Ni, Yiming
2018 JCS Volume 13 (18).pdf.jpg2018Diagnostic accuracy of low-dose dual- source cardiac computed tomography as compared to surgery in univentricular heart patientsChaosuwannakit, Narumol
2018 JCS Volume 13 (3).pdf.jpg2018The fortune cookie flap for aesthetic reconstruction after chest keloid resection : a small case seriesPark, Tae Hwan; Lee, Jang Won; Kim, Chan Woo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86
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