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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2019 JournalofDentistry Volume 81 February (1).pdf.jpg2019Proteomics of acquired pellicle in gastroesophageal re fl ux disease patients with or without erosive tooth wearMartini, Tatiana; Rios, Daniela; Paula, Luiza; Cassiano, Silva; Maria, Cíntia; Silva, De Souza; Akemi, Even; Mendes, Talita; Ventura, Silva; Aparecida, Heloísa; Silva, Barbosa; Carolina, Ana; Saads, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian; Brandt, Ricardo; Palma-dibb, Regi
2019 JournalofDentistry Volume 80 January (7).pdf.jpg2019Strong antibacterial dental resin composites containing cellulose nanocrystal / zinc oxide nanohybridsWang, Yazi; Hua, Hongfei; Li, Wei; Wang, Ruili; Jiang, Xiaoze; Zhu, Meifang
2019 JournalofDentistry Volume 80 January (2).pdf.jpg2019Long-term survival and maintenance e ff orts of splinted teeth in periodontitis patientsGraetz, Christian; Ostermann, Freda; Woeste, Sirka; Sälzer, Sonja; Dörfer, Christof E
2018 JD Volume 78 November (11).pdf.jpg2018Chlorhexidine-encapsulated mesoporous silica-modi fi ed dentin adhesiveYan, Huiyi; Wang, Shilei; Han, Lin; Peng, Wenan; Yi, Luyao; Guo, Rui; Liu, Siying
2019 JournalofDentistry Volume 80 January (8).pdf.jpg2019Impact of shortened dental arch on oral health-related quality of life over a period of 10 years — A randomized controlled trialReissmann, Daniel R; Wolfart, Stefan; John, Mike T; Marré, Birgit; Walter, Michael; Kern, Matthias; Kohal, Ralf; Nothdurft, Frank; Stark, Helmut; Schierz, Oliver; Wöstmann, Bernd; Hannak, Wolfgang; Mundt, Torsten; Pospiech, Peter; Boldt, Julian; Edelhoff, Daniel; Busche,
2018 JDentistry Volume 79 December (1).pdf.jpg2018Biochemical and immunohistochemical identi fi cation of MMP-7 in human dentinMazzoni, Annalisa; Maravi, Tatjana; Tezvergil-mutluay, Arzu; Tjäderhane, Leo; Mendes, Polliana; Sca, Candia; Seseogullari-dirihan, Roda; Bavelloni, Alberto; Gobbi, Pietro; Pashley, David H; Tay, Franklin R; Breschi, Lorenzo
2018 JDentistry Volume 77 October (15).pdf.jpg2018The effect of resin infiltration on proximal caries lesions in primary and permanent teeth. A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trialsChatzimarkou, Sofia; Koletsi, Despina; Kavvadia, Katerina
2018 JD Volume 78 November (6).pdf.jpg2018Stannous chloride and stannous fl uoride are inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinasesCvikl, Barbara; Lussi, Adrian; Saads, Thiago; Moritz, Andreas; Gruber, Reinhard
2018 JD Volume 78 November (14).pdf.jpg2018Editor – in – Chief Editorial Of fi ce Editorial Boar d Emeritus Editors-in-ChiefLynch, Christopher D; Court, Stover; Brunton, A; Zealand, New; Cesar, F; Paulo, São; Chadwick, G; Chandler, N P; Garcia-godoy, Franklin; Tay, Franklin
2019 JournalofDentistry Volume 80 Supplement 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2019Guest EditorialWest, Nicola
2018 JDentistry Volume 79 December (2).pdf.jpg2018Mapping intraoral photographs on virtual teeth modelLam, Walter Y H; Hsung, Richard T C; Cheng, Leo Y Y; Pow, Edmond H N
2018 JDentistry Volume 79 December (5).pdf.jpg2018An ex-vivo model to determine dental pulp responses to heat and light-curing of dental restorative materialsLynch, Christopher D; Roberts, Jessica L; Al-shehri, Ali; Milward, Paul J; Sloan, Alastair J
2018 JDentistry Volume 79 December (3).pdf.jpg2018Power bleaching enhances resin in fi ltration masking e ff ect of dental fl uorosis . A randomized clinical trialSchoppmeier, Christoph M; Derman, Sonja H M; Noack, Michael J; Wicht, Michael J
2018 JDentistry Volume 79 December (13).pdf.jpg2018Oral health and microbiota status in professional rugby players : A case- control studyMinty, Matthieu; Canceill, Thibault; Lê, Sylvie; Dubois, Pauline; Amestoy, Oihana; Loubieres, Pascale; Christensen, Jeffrey E; Champion, Camille; Azalbert, Vincent; Grasset, Estelle; Hardy, Sara; Loubes, Jean-michel; Mallet, Jean-philippe; Tercé, François; Vergnes, Jean-noël; Burcelin, Rémy; Inserm, U; Toulouse, F-; Métaboliques, Maladies; Toulouse, F-
2019 JoD Volume 84 May (4).pdf.jpg2019Sodium fluoride and silver diamine fluoride-coated tooth surfaces inhibit bacterial acid production at the bacteria/tooth interfaceIshiguro, Tomoko; Mayanagi, Gen; Azumi, Marika; Otani, Haruki; Fukushima, Azusa; Sasaki, Keiichi; Takahashi, Nobuhiro
2018 JDentistry Volume 75 August (9).pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of dentin desensitization protocols on the dentinal surface and their effects on the dentin bond interfaceEscalante-Otárola, Wilfredo Gustavo; Castro-Núñez, Gabriela Mariana; Jordão-Basso, Keren Cristina Fagundes; Guimarães, Bruno Martini; Palma-Dibb, Regina Guenka; Kuga, Milton Carlos
2018 JDentistry Volume 75 August (11).pdf.jpg2018Long-term changes in oral health-related quality of life over a period of 5 years in patients treated with narrow diameter implants: A prospective clinical studyReissmann, Daniel R.; Enkling, Norbert; Moazzin, Rim; Haueter, Marius; Worni, Andreas; Schimmel, Martin
2018 JDentistry Volume 77 October (2).pdf.jpg2018Association between bruxism and symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux disease: A case-control studyLi, Yuanyuan; Yu, Fan; Niu, Lina; Long, Yong; Tay, Franklin R.; Chen, Jihua
2018 JDentistry Volume 75 August (17).pdf.jpg2018The influence of hardness and chemical composition on enamel demineralization and subsequent remineralizationAlkattan, Rana; Lippert, Frank; Tang, Qing; Eckert, George J.; Ando, Masatoshi
2018 JDentistry Volume 76 September (13).pdf.jpg2018Influence of naringenin on the biofilm formation of Streptococcus mutansYue, Jiaxi; Yang, Hongye; Liu, Siying; Song, Fangfang; Guo, Jingmei; Huang, Cui
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 162
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