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2018 JSR Volume 230 October (10).pdf.jpg2018Intestinal fatty acid–binding protein levels in patients with chronic renal failureOkada, Kyoko; Sekino, Motohiro; Funaoka, Hiroyuki; Sato, Shuntaro; Ichinomiya, Taiga; Murata, Hiroaki; Maekawa, Takuji; Nishikido, Masaharu; Eishi, Kiyoyuki; Hara, Tetsuya
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (25).pdf.jpg2018The effects of beta blockade and clonidine on persistent injury-associated anemiaLoftus, Tyler J.; Rosenthal, Martin D.; Croft, Chasen a.; Smith, R. Stephen; Moore, Frederick a.; Brakenridge, Scott C.; Efron, Philip a.; Mohr, Alicia M.
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (15).pdf.jpg2018Outcomes of arterial bypass preceding resection of retroperitoneal masses involving major vesselsLuu, Hubert Y.; Wang, Eric D.; Syed, Shareef M.; Xu, Xiaoti; Hansen, Scott L.; Eichler, Charles M.; Nakakura, Eric K.
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (1).pdf.jpg2018α7 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor contributes to the alleviation of lung ischemia–reperfusion injury by transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 stimulationLi, Xuehan; Xu, Yi; Cheng, Yan; Wang, Rurong
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (13).pdf.jpg2018Mesoappendix as potential donor site for vascularized lymph node transfer: anatomic studyRuter, Daniel; Chen, Wei; Garza, Ramon; Eiferman, Daniel; Skoracki, Roman
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (14).pdf.jpg2018Noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features reclassification and its impact on thyroid malignancy rate and treatmentMao, Melissa L.; Joyal, Thomas; Picado, Omar; Kerr, Darcy; Lew, John I.; Farrá, Josefina C.
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (16).pdf.jpg2018Premeditated versus “passionate”: patterns of homicide related to intimate partner violenceCarmichael, Heather; Jamison, Ethan; Bol, Kirk a.; McIntyre, Robert; Velopulos, Catherine G.
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (12).pdf.jpg2018Long-term results of cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia: outcomes and resource utilizationCairo, Sarah B; Ventro, George; Sandoval, Ellene; Rothstein, David H
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (53).pdf.jpg2018Prognostic impact of elevated preoperative C-reactive protein on patients with differentiated thyroid carcinomaShimura, Tatsuo; Shibata, Masahiko; Gonda, Kenji; Matsumoto, Yoshiko; Nakano, Keiichi; Iwadate, Manabu; Suzuki, Satoshi; Suzuki, Shinichi
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (24).pdf.jpg2018Functional inclusivity of trauma networks: a pilot study of the North West London Trauma NetworkWohlgemut, Jared M.; Davies, Joseph; Aylwin, Christopher; Morrison, Jonathan J.; Cole, Elaine; Batrick, Nicola; Brundage, Susan I.; Jansen, Jan O.
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (39).pdf.jpg2018MC1R gene polymorphisms are associated with dysfunctional immune responses and wound infection after burn injuryCarter, Damien W.; Sood, Ravi F.; Seaton, Max E.; Muffley, Lara a.; Honari, Shari; Hocking, Ann M.; Arbabi, Saman a.; Gibran, Nicole S.
2018 JoSR Volume 225 May (15).pdf.jpg2018Age- and gender-related hemorheological alterations in intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in the ratMester, Anita; Magyar, Zsuzsanna; Molnar, Akos; Somogyi, Viktoria; Tanczos, Bence; Peto, Katalin; Nemeth, Norbert
2018 JoSR Volume 225 May (17).pdf.jpg2018Pyruvate as a novel carrier of hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 may protect kidney in rats subjected to severe burnsHu, Sen; Dai, Yue Long; Gao, Ming Juan; Wang, Xiao Na; Wang, Hai Bin; Dou, Yong Qi; Bai, Xiao Dong; Zhou, Fang Qiang
2018 JoSR Volume 225 May (19).pdf.jpg2018Benchmarking rectal cancer care: institutional compliance with a longitudinal checklistChapman, William C.; Choi, Pamela; Hawkins, Alexander T.; Hunt, Steven R.; Silviera, Matthew L.; Wise, Paul E.; Mutch, Matthew G.; Glasgow, Sean C.
2018 JoSR Volume 225 May (18).pdf.jpg2018Biliary reconstruction with a pedicled gallbladder flap in patients during pancreaticoduodenectomyZhu, Jiqiao; Kou, Jiantao; Dong, Hongmeng; Ma, Jun; Liu, Huanye; Bai, Chun; Li, Xianliang; He, Qiang
2018 JoSR Volume 225 May (16).pdf.jpg2018Determining the educational value of a technical and nontechnical skills medical student curriculumShipper, Edward S.; Miller, Sarah E.; Hasty, Brittany N.; De La Cruz, Monica M.; Merrell, Sylvia Bereknyei; Lin, Dana T.; Lau, James N.
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (9).pdf.jpg2018DEL1 protects against chondrocyte apoptosis through integrin bindingWang, Zhen; Boyko, Tatiana; Tran, Misha C.; LaRussa, Marie; Bhatia, Namrata; Rashidi, Vania; Longaker, Michael T.; Yang, George P.
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (23).pdf.jpg2018Frequency and timing of short-term complications following abdominoperineal resectionTooley, James E.; Sceats, Lindsay a.; Bohl, Daniel D.; Read, Blake; Kin, Cindy
2018 JSR Volume 231 November (38).pdf.jpg2018Magnetic compression technique for colonic anastomosis in ratsBai, Jigang; Huo, Xiongwei; Ma, Jia; Lv, Yi; Yan, Xiaopeng
2018 JSR Volume 230 October (7).pdf.jpg2018Impaired coronary contraction to phenylephrine after cardioplegic arrest in diabetic patientsSellke, Nicholas; Gordon, Caroline; Lawandy, Isabella; Gorvitovskaia, Anastassia Y.; Scrimgeour, Laura a.; Fingleton, James G.; Sellke, Frank W.; Feng, Jun
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 430
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