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2018 WM Volume 77 July (54).pdf.jpg2018Release behavior of chloride from MSW landfill simulation reactors with different operation modesLong, Yuyang; Liu, Dongyun; Xu, Jing; Fang, Yuan; Du, Yao; Shen, Dongsheng
2018 WM Volume 77 July (53).pdf.jpg2018Recovery of value-added products from cathode and anode material of spent lithium-ion batteriesNatarajan, Subramanian; Boricha, Arvind B; Bajaj, Hari C
2018 WM Volume 77 July (55).pdf.jpg2018Role of plastics in decoupling municipal solid waste and economic growth in the U . S .Tsiamis, Demetra A; Torres, Melissa; Castaldi, Marco J
2018 WM Volume 77 July (56).pdf.jpg2018Self-activation of biochar from furfural residues by recycled pyrolysis gasYin, Yulei; Gao, Yuan; Li, Aimin
2018 WM Volume 77 July (58).pdf.jpg2018Study on the effects of catalysts on the immobilization efficiency and mechanism of heavy metals during the microwave pyrolysis of sludgeSun, Shichang; Huang, Xiaofei; Lin, Junhao; Ma, Rui; Fang, Lin; Zhang, Peixin; Qu, Junle
2018 WM Volume 77 July (57).pdf.jpg2018Solar pyrolysis of waste rubber tires using photoactive catalystsHijazi, Ayman; Boyadjian, Cassia; Ahmad, Mohammad N; Zeaiter, Joseph
2018 WM Volume 77 July (59).pdf.jpg2018Sub- and supercritical water oxidation of anaerobic fermentation sludge for carbon and nitrogen recovery in a regenerative life support systemZhang, Dongdong; Clauwaert, Peter; Luther, Amanda; López, Diego; Prins, Wolter; Brilman, D W F Wim; Ronsse, Frederik
2018 WM Volume 77 July (63).pdf.jpg2018The stripping effect of using high voltage electrical pulses breakage for waste printed circuit boardsDuan, Chenlong; Han, Jun; Zhao, Shen; Gao, Zhonglin; Qiao, Jinpeng; Yan, Guanghui
2018 WM Volume 77 July (64).pdf.jpg2018Use of a geographic information system to find areas for locating of municipal solid waste management facilitiesAppel, Diogo; Paula, Ana; Gomes, Duarte; António, Luís; Arlindo, Manuel; Matos, Amador De; Almeida, Kamila
2018 WM Volume 77 July (6).pdf.jpg2018A systematic review on the composting of green waste : Feedstock quality and optimization strategiesReyes-torres, M; Oviedo-ocaña, E R; Dominguez, I; Komilis, D; Sánchez, A
2018 WM Volume 77 July (62).pdf.jpg2018The importance of characterizing residual household waste at the local level : A case study of Saguenay , Quebec ( Canada )Élize, Julie; Charles, Maxime; Lavoie, Sylvain; Bourgeois, Nancy
2018 WM Volume 77 July (60).pdf.jpg2018Temperature dependent separation of immiscible polymer blend in a melted stateDobrovszky, Károly
2018 WM Volume 77 July (61).pdf.jpg2018Thank you : A journal is as good as its reviewersBarlaz, Morton
2018 WasteM Volume 78 August (1).pdf.jpg2018A combination of ammonia stripping and low temperature thermal pre-treatment improves anaerobic post-digestion of the supernatant from organic fraction of municipal solid waste treatmentPedizzi, Chiara; Lema, Juan M.; Carballa, Marta
2018 WasteM Volume 78 August (10).pdf.jpg2018Application of waste materials as fillers in bituminous mixesChoudhary, Jayvant; Kumar, Brind; Gupta, Ankit
2018 WM Volume 77 July (7).pdf.jpg2018degradable polymeric materials for a sustainable future – part 1 . Organic recycling of PLA / PBAT blends in the form of prototype packages with long shelf-lifeMusioł, Marta; Sikorska, Wanda; Janeczek, Henryk; Wałach, Wojciech; Hercog, Anna; Johnston, Brian; Rydz, Joanna
2018 WM Volume 77 July (9).pdf.jpg2018Bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil using aged refuse from landfillsLiu, Qingmei; Li, Qibin; Wang, Ning; Liu, Dan; Zan, Li; Chang, Le; Gou, Xuemei; Wang, Peijin
2018 WM Volume 77 July (66).pdf.jpg2018Waste policies gone soft : An analysis of European and Swedish waste prevention plansJohansson, Nils; Corvellec, Hervé
2018 WM Volume 77 July (8).pdf.jpg2018Biological stability of multi-component agri-food digestates andWojnowska-baryła, Irena; Bernat, Katarzyna; Sartowska, Sabina
2018 WasteM Volume 78 August (101).pdf.jpg2018Thermal treatment on sewage sludge by electromagnetic induction heating: Methodology and drying characterizationXue, Yongjie; Wang, Chen; Hu, Zhenhua; Zhou, Yi; Liu, Gang; Hou, Haobo; Xiao, Yue; Wang, Teng; Li, Jinping
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 502
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