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9-Mar-2018A Pilot Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double Blind Phase I Trial of the Novel SIRT1 Activator SRT2104 in Elderly VolunteersLibri, V; Brown, AP; Gambarota, G; Haddad, G; Shields, GS; Dawes, H; Pinato, DJ; Hoffman, E; Elliot, PJ; Vlasuk, GP; Jacobson, E; Wilkins, MR; Matthews, PM
17-Jan-2017LARP1 post-transcriptionally regulates mTOR and contributes to cancer progressionGlaxoSmithKline Services Unlimited; Wellbeing of Women; Mura, M; Hopkins, TG; Michael, T; Abd-Latip, N; Weir, J; Aboagye, E; Mauri, F; Jameson, C; Sturge, J; Gabra, H; Bushell, M; Willis, AE; Curry, E; Blagden, SP
21-Dec-2015A longitudinal, multi-level comparative study of quality and safety in European hospitals: the QUASER study protocolRobert, GB; Anderson, JE; Burnett, SJ; Aase, K; Andersson-Gare, B; Bal, R; Calltorp, J; Nunes, F; Weggelaar, A-M; Vincent, CA; Fulop, NJ
1-Feb-2017The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of STeroids Or Pentoxifylline for Alcoholic Hepatitis (STOPAH): a 2 x 2 factorial randomised controlled trialThursz, M; Forrest, E; Roderick, P; Day, C; Austin, A; O'Grady, J; Ryder, S; Allison, M; Gleeson, D; McCune, A; Patch, D; Wright, M; Masson, S; Richardson, P; Vale, L; Mellor, J; Stanton, L; Bowers, M; Ratcliffe, I; Downs, N; Kirkman, S; Homer, T; Ternent, L
1-Feb-2017Antiandrogens act as selective androgen receptor modulators at the proteome Level in prostate cancer cellsProstate Cancer UK; Prostate Cancer UK; Genesis Research Trust; Prostate Cancer UK; Brooke, GN; Gamble, SC; Hough, MA; Begum, S; Dart, DA; Odontiadis, M; Powell, SM; Fioretti, FM; Bryan, RA; Waxman, J; Wait, R; Bevan, CL
14-Jan-2016The coverage and frequency of mass drug administration required to eliminate persistent transmission of soil-transmitted helminthsBill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Anderson, R; Truscott, J; Hollingsworth, TD
10-Mar-2017Computed tomographic colonography compared with colonoscopy or barium enema for diagnosis of colorectal cancer in older symptomatic patients: two multicentre randomised trials with economic evaluation (the SIGGAR trials)Department of Health; Halligan, S; Dadswell, E; Wooldrage, K; Wardle, J; Von Wagner, C; Lilford, R; Yao, GL; Zhu, S; Atkin, W
15-May-2017Loss of constitutional heterozygosity on chromosomes 5 and 17 in cholangiocarcinomaDING, SF; DELHANTY, JDA; BOWLES, L; DOOLEY, JS; WOOD, CB; HABIB, NA
17-May-2017Long-term survival in a patient following resection for carcinoma of the gallbladder and rectum.Kelly, SB; Habib, NA; Blumgart, LH
9-Apr-2019Preconception and early pregnancy maternal haemodynamic changes in healthy women in relation to pregnancy viabilityFoo, FL; Collins, A; McEniery, CM; Bennett, PR; Wilkinson, IB; Lees, CC