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25-Jun-2011Policies and Practices of Australian Universities on Competing Interests of Academic StaffChapman, Simon; Morrell, B; Forsyth, R; Kerridge, I; Steward, C
23-Jun-2014Intimacy or Utility? Organ Donation and the Choice between Palliation and Ventilation.Bendorf, A; Kerridge, I; Steward, C
23-Jun-2014Defining Medical Futility in Ethics, Law and Clinical Practice: An Exercise in Futility?Kerridge, I; Mitchell, K; McPhee, J
23-Jun-2014Decoration or communication? A qualitative study of images displayed around the bedsides of hospitalised childrenJordens, C; Lewis, P; Kerridge, I
23-Jun-2014Ethics and evidence-based medicineKerridge, I; Lowe, M; Henry, D
23-Jun-2014An International Comparison of the Effect of Policy Shifts to Organ Donation Following Cardiocirculatory Death (DCD) on Donation Rates After Brain Death (DBD) and Transplantation RatesBendorf, A; Kelly, PJ; Kerridge, I; McCaughan, GW; Myerson, B; Steward, C; Pussell, BA
23-Jun-2014The Decision to Withhold Resuscitation in Australia: Problems, Hospital Policy and Legal UncertaintyKerridge, I; Mitchell, K; Myser, C
23-Jun-2014Public education and organ donation: untested assumptions and unexpected consequencesLawlor, M; Kerridge, I; Ankeny, R; Billson, F
23-Jun-2014Towards a dialogical ethics of interprofessionalismIrvine, R; Kerridge, I; McPhee, J
30-Jul-2014Formulating an Ethics Agenda for Drug Development, Regulation, and UtilizationKerridge, I; Lipworth, W; Day, R