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2019 JoAFC Volume 67 Issue 10 March (37).pdf.jpg2019Correction to Higher Antioxidant Activity , Total Flavonols , and Speci fi c Quercetin Glucosides in Two Di ff erent Onion ( Allium cepa L .) Varieties Grown under Organic Production : Results from a 6 ‑ Year Field StudyRen, Feiyue; Reilly, Kim; Kerry, Joseph P; Ga, Michael; Hossain, Mohammad; Rai, Dilip K
9783319761282.pdf.jpg2019Oral rehabilitation for compromised and elderly patients /Alexandre, Mersel. ;
9789811045042.pdf.jpg2019International conference on biomedical and health informatics.-
2018 TRJLCM Volume 196 June (7).pdf.jpg2018Original Articles 17 Maraviroc improves hepatic triglyceride content but not inflammation in a murine nonalcoholic fatty liver disease model induced by a chronic exposure to high-fat diet-
2018 ESP Volume 27 Issue 4 April (34).pdf.jpg2018The effect of simulated microgravity on lumbar spine biomechanics : an in vitro study-
9783030010867.pdf.jpg2019Information systems and neuroscience.-
JoMC 2018 Volume 61 Issue 19 October (20).pdf.jpg2018No TitleChampion, Matthew M; Nguyen, Trung T; Ding, Derong; Wolter, William R; Pe, Rocio L; Mahasenan, Kiran V; Hesek, Dusan; Lee, Mijoon; Schroeder, Valerie A; Jones, I; Lastochkin, Elena; Rose, Margaret K; Peterson, Charles E; Suckow, Mark A; Mobashery, Shahriar; Chang, Mayla
JournalOfParasitology 2018 Volume 104 Issue 4 August (7).pdf.jpg2018Intestinal Life Cycle of Eimeria caliginosa ( Apicomplexa : Eimeriidae ) From the Dusky Rice Rat , Melanomys caliginosus ( Rodentia : Cricetidae : Sigmodontinae ), In Costa RicaChinchilla, Misael; Valerio, Idalia; Sanchez, Ronald; Duszynski, Donald; Journal, Source; Rica, I N Costa; Rica, Costa
JournalOfParasitology 2018 Volume 104 Issue 4 August (6).pdf.jpg2018Reversal of Schistosome Resistance In Biomphalaria glabrata By Heat Shock May Be Dependent On Snail Genotype REVERSAL OF SCHISTOSOME RESISTANCE IN BIOMPHALARIA GLABRATA BY HEATSullivan, John T; Journal, Source; Sullivan, John T
JournalOfParasitology 2018 Volume 104 Issue 5 October (12).pdf.jpg2018Parasitological and Molecular Detection of Canine Trypanosomiasis From Riyadh Province , Saudi Arabia PARASITOLOGICAL AND MOLECULAR DETECTION OF CANINE TRYPANOSOMIASISAlanazi, Abdullah D; Journal, Source