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27-Nov-2009Structure of hypothetical Mo-cofactor biosynthesis protein B (ST2315) from Sulfolobus tokodaiiAntonyuk, Svetlana V.; Strange, Richard W.; Ellis, Mark J.; Bessho, Yoshitaka; Kuramitsu, Seiki; Shinkai, Akeo; Yokoyama, Shigeyuki; Hasnain, S. Samar
2008Automated Quantitative Assessment of Proteins' Biological Function in Protein Knowledge BasesMayr, Gabriele; Lepperdinger, Günter; Lackner, Peter
2009Bridging the Divide between Manual Gating and Bioinformatics with the Bioconductor Package flowFlowJoGosink, John J.; Means, Gary D.; Rees, William A.; Su, Cheng; Rand, Hugh A.
27-Nov-2009Structure of putative 4-amino-4-deoxychorismate lyase from Thermus thermophilus HB8Padmanabhan, Balasundaram; Bessho, Yoshitaka; Ebihara, Akio; Antonyuk, Svetlana V.; Ellis, Mark J.; Strange, Richard W.; Kuramitsu, Seiki; Watanabe, Nobuhisa; Hasnain, S. Samar; Yokoyama, Shigeyuki
2009A Combinatory Approach for Selecting Prognostic Genes in Microarray Studies of Tumour SurvivalsTan, Qihua; Thomassen, Mads; Jochumsen, Kirsten M.; Mogensen, Ole; Christensen, Kaare; Kruse, Torben A.
27-Nov-2009Structure of the first PDZ domain of human PSD-93Fiorentini, Monica; Nielsen, Ann Kallehauge; Kristensen, Ole; Kastrup, Jette S.; Gajhede, Michael
2009FlowFP: A Bioconductor Package for Fingerprinting Flow Cytometric DataRogers, Wade T.; Holyst, Herbert A.
2009A Survey of Flow Cytometry Data Analysis MethodsBashashati, Ali; Brinkman, Ryan R.
2009Assessing the Quality of Whole Genome Alignments in BacteriaSwidan, Firas; Shamir, Ron
27-Nov-2009Structure of d-lactate dehydrogenase from Aquifex aeolicus complexed with NAD(+) and lactic acid (or pyruvate)Antonyuk, Svetlana V.; Strange, Richard W.; Ellis, Mark J.; Bessho, Yoshitaka; Kuramitsu, Seiki; Inoue, Yumiko; Yokoyama, Shigeyuki; Hasnain, S. Samar