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30-Oct-2007Haemorrhagic stroke vs ischaemic stroke: length of stay and functional outcome measures in stroke survivorsHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Li, LSW; Fong, YM; Leung, KP
30-Oct-2007Outcome of neurogenic dysphagia in stroke patientsHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Li, LSW; Chiu, K; Leung, KP
30-Oct-2007Economic impact of epilepsy surgery: cost-of-illness analysis using a combination design modelHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Mak, W; Fong, KY; Alaszewski, A
30-Oct-2007The fractional anisotropy of cerebral gliomas on diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imagingYang, ES; Cheung, RTF; Li, G
30-Oct-2007A functional magnetic resonance imaging study comparing brain activations during language task with activations during electrical stimulation of language-implicated acupointsYang, ES; Cheung, RTF; Li, G
30-Oct-2007Angioplasty and stenting to treat stenosis in the large supra-aortic vessels supplying ischemic areas of the brainLee, T; Cheng, S; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Ho, DSW; Chen, WH; Lau, CP; Woo, C; Tam, EYW; Li, L
30-Oct-2007Headache co-morbidity and seizure control in patients with epilepsyHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Chan, KH; Fong, GCY; Cheng, TS; Mak, W; Fong, KY
30-Oct-2007Miller Fisher syndrome in Queen Mary HospitalHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Chan, KH; Mak, W; Fong, GCY
30-Oct-2007Unilateral carotid territory ischaemia and carotid artery atherosclerosisHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Mak, W
30-Oct-2007Delay in presentation, admission, and diagnostic imaging among stroke patientsHo, SL; Cheung, RTF; Mak, W