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30-Oct-2007Percutaneous angioplasty and stenting as an alternative to surgery in the treatment of renal artery stenosisCheng, SWK; Ho, DSW; Chen, WH; Woo, C; Lau, CP; Tam, EYW
22-May-2008Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of statins in patients with CHD and average cholesterol levels applied to Hong KongMcGhee, SM; Chau, J; Lauder, IJ; Lau, CP; Kumana, CR; Cheung, BMY
30-Oct-2007High incidence of atrial fibrillation after dual chamber pacemaker implantation - implication on the use of atrial defibrillation mode pacemakersTse, HF; Wang, Q; Yu, CM; Lee, KLF; Lam, C; Ayers, G; Lau, CP; Leung, SK
30-Oct-2007Non-surgical techniques in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease of the lower limb: preliminary results in a cohort of elderly, high risk patientsCheng, S; Ho, DSW; Chen, WH; AhChong, AK; Lau, CP; Woo, C; Tam, EYW
30-Oct-2007Reduction in stroke by statin therapy markedly increases its cost-effectivenessCheung, BMY; Chau, J; Yu, CM; Kumana, CR; Lau, CP
30-Oct-2007Cardiac rehabilitation improves functional and clinical status of patients after AMI or PTCA - a randomised controlled studyChau, J; Yu, CM; Lam, KB; Fong, YM; Ho, YY; Li, LSW; Lau, CP; Cheung, BMY
30-Oct-2007Plasma bradykinin level is related to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition and gene polymorphism in hypertensive patientsCheung, BMY; Leung, RYH; Ho, SPC; Lau, CP; Kumana, CR
30-Oct-2007Plasma adrenomedullin level in patients with heart failure is related to systolic but not diastolic dysfunctionYu, CM; Wang, Q; Leung, RYH; Lau, CP; Cheung, BMY
30-Oct-2007Comparison of the utilisation of antihypertensive drugs in a hypertension outpatient clinic in 1996 and 1998Cheung, BMY; Cheung, AHK; Ho, SPC; Lau, CP; Kumana, CR
30-Oct-2007Cost-effectiveness of secondary prevention with statins in normocholesterolaemic patientsChau, J; Lau, CP; Kumana, CR; Cheung, BMY